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Institute of Thermofluids

Engineering optics

Engineering Optics

Our research in the optics laboratories on the development of novel sensors and imaging, driven by our industrial contacts and supported by the EPSRC. We cover the fundamental development of new optical instruments and applications, the mathematical modelling of sensor technologies and the development of novel processing algorithms. We also work closely with end users to identify and optimise applications for these new techniques and instruments.

Our expertise

Our three key areas of research are multiphase flow applications, interferometric sensing and the development of instrumentation. Our project portfolio includes:

  • Particle image velocimetry systems – quantifying multiphase flows and sprays
  • 3-D imaging – with an emphasis on transient and turbulent fluid mechanics
  • Droplet and particle characterisation
  • Droplet separation
  • Interferometry – techniques for distance metrology with nanometric resolution
  • Vibration and deformation analysis – applied to a wide range of engineering structures
  • Shape and colour measurement – to assess the impact of engineering structures
  • Miniature fibre sensors – collaborating with bioengineers on clinical and surgical applications
  • Biological imaging – developing techniques for live cell studies.