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The RollerBall Robot


Our Surgical Technologies research is driven by a strong clinical need for new and improved technology to address the challenges in modern surgery and associated healthcare.

Engineering science can have a huge impact, a notable example is the introduction of robotically-assisted Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) which has significantly improved outcomes for patients in cancer surgery. However, drives in modern medicine to detect disease earlier, provide personalised care, objectively monitor recovery and improve surgical training require the development of new technologies and ways to apply them for clinical benefit – this is our goal. In the words of one of clinical colleagues; “how hard can it be?"

Group Overview

The Surgical Technologies group is the result of a long-established link between the School of Mechanical Engineering and the Academic Unit of Surgery, with close ties to the Leeds NHS Teaching Hospitals Trust. We also work closely with colleagues in Psychological Sciences and Dentistry.

Our growing research team includes PhD students with engineering and surgical backgrounds, Research Fellows and academic staff. In addition to academic and clinical links we work actively with industry to optimise existing products and translate research into new commercial products.

Research Focus

Our research looks at the development of enabling technologies (our core engineering-science interests) and their application to clinical practice. We have focused our attention to several clinical themes (see below) but always welcome new collaborations and new challenges.

Group Strategy


Key Contacts