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EPSRC National Facility for Innovative Robotic Systems

Research and development of innovative robotic systems

This £4.3 million national facility is making the University of Leeds a world leader in robot design and construction. The facility is part of the government’s drive to improve Britain’s international competitiveness in robotics, equipping our researchers with a suite of technologies - including the latest 3D-printing technology and high-precision assembly systems - which is among the most advanced in the world.

Our robotic research spans a range of applications, from exploring the ancient pyramids through to robotic technology assisting patients’ arm recovery after strokes. Our researchers have drawn inspiration from biology and nature, building a giant robotic worm that can wiggle its way around obstacles and a device with feet modelled on tree frogs, which is being designed to crawl inside patients’ bodies for minimally invasive abdominal surgery.

This new facility allows us to build on our existing strengths in robotics for surgical applications, patient rehabilitation, prosthetics, and exploration. 

Robotic and autonomous systems have the potential to revolutionise the UK economy and society over the next 20 years.


Robotics research takes place in the following schools within the University of Leeds: