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Dr Peter Bollada

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tel:+44 (0)113 3434699
fax:+44 (0)113 3435468
location:E C Stoner Building 7.27


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Peter’s current research activity is the modelling and simulation of micro structure formation in binary alloys. This avoids expensive molecular dynamic modelling by the use of macroscopic parameters: temperature, alloy concentration and phase. The latter is an order parameter that takes the value one if a particular phase of matter is present and zero if not. The challenge of the research is both the formulation of a  thermodynamically consistent  model and its implementation and simulation on computer.  One difficulty at the modelling stage is the generic nature of the problem to cope with the seemingly infinite amount of possible alloy combinations. The problem is also inherently multiscale since, for example, the temperature field is typically 1000 times the size of the area of interest of the growing microstructure. To date a three dimensional simulations of this problem has not been achieved internationally despite wide availability of high performance computing facilities.  With the combined resources of the Institute of Material Research and the Computing department this problem is now successfully being addressed. The results are not only vital for macroscopic modelling in the casting industry, the simulation results give physical insight into processes that are difficult or impossible to view experimentally.

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Bollada PC, Jimack PK, Mullis AM A new approach to multi-phase field for the solidification of alloys in: IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, vol. 33, . IOP Publishing Ltd. 2012.LINK
Bollada PC, Phillips TN On the mathematical modelling of a compressible viscoelastic fluid. Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis, vol. 205, pp.1-26. 2012.LINK
Bierbrauer F, Bollada PC, Phillips TN A consistent reflected image particle approach to the treatment of boundary conditions in smoothed particle hydrodynamics. Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, vol. 198, pp.3400-3410. 2009.DOI
Bollada PC, Phillips TN A modified deformation field method for integral constitutive models. Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics, vol. 163, pp.78-87. 2009.LINK

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