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When telephoning from outside the University, dial: 0113 34 extension

Unless otherwise stated, all offices are located in the School of Mechanical Engineering

A categorised list is also available

Key contacts

Position Name Email Extension
Deputy Head of School Professor Anne Neville 36812
Head of School Professor David Barton 32137
Director of Research Professor Harvey Thompson 32136
Director of Student Education Dr Osvaldo M. Querin 32218


Name Email Extension Position
Dr Abdellatif Abdelgaied 39089 Research Fellow
Mr Erfan Abedi Esfahani 32107 Research Fellow
Dr Alireza Abouhossein 32200 Research Fellow
Dr Mazen Al-Hajjar 39401 Senior Research Fellow
Dr Ali Alazmani 32178 University Academic Fellow
Dr Andrew Aldridge 35651 Research Fellow
Dr Murat Ali 38955 Research Fellow
Dr Mohammed Awad 32200 Research Fellow
Mr Abdullah Azam 32107 Research Fellow (Elec/Mech Eng)

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Name Email Extension Position
Mrs Debra Baldwin 32154 Administrative Support Officer - iMBE
Mr Paul Banks 32185 Technician
Dr Richard Barker 32206 Teaching and Research Fellow
Mrs Sue Barras 32116 Education Service Officer
Professor David Barton 32137 Professor of Solid Mechanics
Mr Mark Batchelor 32185 Technician
Mr Andrew Beadling 32198 Research Assistant
Dr Amar Behera 39820 Research Fellow
Miss Ashley Bell 32198 Research Fellow
Miss Philippa Bowland   Research Assistant
Dr Jordan Boyle 32140 Lecturer in Engineering Systems
Professor Derek Bradley 32115 Research Professor
Mr Alan Brickwood 32224 Technician
Mrs Kelly Broadbent 38194 Project Administrator – MeDe Innovation
Dr Claire Brockett 37472 University Academic Fellow in Bioengineering
Dr Peter Brooks 32122 Senior Lecturer
Dr Michael Bryant 32161 Lecturer
Dr Alexy Burluka 32220 Senior Lecturer
Mrs Michelle Byrne 32113 Secretary

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Name Email Extension Position
Mr Neil Calligaro 33765 Fabric & Estates Technician
Mrs Jane Cardie 32171 Technician
Ms Amanda Carroll 32145 Project Support Officer - LifeLongJoints
Mrs Katherine Carter   Knowledge Transfer Officer
Mr James Chandler   Research Fellow
Dr Thibaut Charpentier 32198 Research Fellow
Dr Hau Hing Chau 32111 Research Fellow
Professor Thomas Childs 32207 Emeritus Professor
Dr Richard Chittenden 32176 Teaching Fellow
Mr YongQiang Chi   Knowledge Transfer Officer
Dr Sean Clarkson 37244 Technology Innovation Manager
Miss Emily Clark 32107 Research Fellow
Professor Timothy Cockerill 37678 Professor
Dr John Coney 32124 Visiting Research Fellow
Dr Raelene Cowie 39112 Research Fellow
Ms Beverley Croft 30915 Team Secretary (Medical Technologies)
Dr Peter Culmer 32141 Associate Professor

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Name Email Extension Position
Professor Francisco Da Costa     Honorary Visiting Professor
Dr Nilanjan Das Chakladar 32215 Research Fellow
Dr Michael Dawson 32107 Research Fellow
Professor Alan de Pennington 32207 Emeritus Professor
Prof Abbas Dehghani 32906 Senior Lecturer
Mrs Amisha Desai 39238 Graduate Engineer
Miss Catherine Dickson 32228 School Education Service Manager
Dr Josephine Dixon-Hardy 30920 Director of Medical Technologies Innovation
Mr Abdel Dorgham 32107 Research Fellow
Professor Duncan Dowson 32153 Research/Emeritus Professor
Mr Gerard Duff 37772 Teaching and Research Assistant
Mr Keith Dyer 39133 Technician

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Name Email Extension Position
Mr Adrian Eagles 32190 Technician
Ms Noemy Ellis Martin 32228 School Education Service Manager
Dr Cayetano Espejo Conesa 32107 Research Fellow
Dr Lee Etchels 36360 Research Assistant
Dr Lisa Evans 30924 Hefce Catalyst Innovation Development Manager

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Name Email Extension Position
Dr Hazel Fermor 35651 Research Fellow
Professor John Fisher CBE 32128 Director Institute of Medical & Biological Engineering, Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Mrs Natalie Fox 35668 Research Technician

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Name Email Extension Position
Dr Justin Gallagher   Research Fellow
Dr Philippa Garner 33004 Neuroscience Teaching Fellow
Mr Mohammad Ghaleeh   Research Fellow
Mr Ali Ghanbarzadeh 32179 Research Fellow
Professor Jeremy Gilbert   Honorary Visiting Professor & Cheney Fellow
Dr Carl Gilkeson 36915 Teaching and Research Fellow
Miss Rowan Grant 30923 National Outreach Manager - MeDe Innovation – The EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Medical Devices
Dr Dawn Groves 38247 Research Assistant
Mr Robert Guest 32184 Stores Technician

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Name Email Extension Position
Miss Maryam Haghighiabyaneh 39419 Research Associate
Professor Richard Hall 32132 Professor of Spinal Biomechanics
Miss Camille Hammersley 39133 Technician
Mrs Dawn Harding 32229 Education Service Officer
Ms Cheryl Harris 37979 Centre Manager CDTTERM, CDTMBE & DTCTERM/Public Engagement Coordinator
Professor Russell Harris 2155 Professor of Medical Engineering & Advanced Manufacturing
Mr Peter Hayward 32105 Teaching Fellow
Dr Brian Henson 32135 Senior Lecturer
Dr Anthony Herbert 37371 E-Term Research Fellow
Dr Raymond Holt 37936 Lecturer
Mr Irvin Homan 32171 Technician
Professor Shervanthi Homer-Vanniasinkam     Visiting Professor
Dr Graeme Howling 30908 Technology Innovation Manager - MedTech IKC
Dr Xijin Hua 38904 Research Fellow
Mr Yong Hua 32219 Research Fellow
Mr Michael Huggan 32196 Technician

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Name Email Extension Position
Mr Abbas Ismail 32174 Technician

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Name Email Extension Position
Dr Andrew Jackson 32121 Teaching and Research Fellow
Dr Louise Jennings 32100 Associate Professor of Medical Engineering
Professor Zhongmin Jin 37471 Professor of Computational Bioengineering
Mrs Jenny Johnson 32127 Education Service Officer
Mr Adam Johns   Knowledge Transfer Officer
Dr Alison Jones 32099 Lecturer in Computational Biomechanics
Mrs Sarah Jopson 32061 Project Manager AMEDEO

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Name Email Extension Position
Professor Nik Kapur 32152 Professor of Applied Fluid Mechanics
Dr Robert Kay 2139 Associate Professor in Advanced Manufacturing
Miss Doris Khaemba 32179 Research Fellow
Dr Vishal Khetan 32208 Research Fellow
Dr Jongrae Kim 32159 Associate Professor
Mrs Fiona Kingscott 30907 IP and Contracts Manager for Medical Technologies
Mrs Sarah King 31397 IMPRESS Project Manager
Dr Shahriar Kosarieh 39741 Post Doctoral Research Fellow

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Name Email Extension Position
Dr Saurabh Lal 35651 Research Fellow
Dr Joseph Lanigan 32146 Research Fellow
Dr Malcolm Lawes 32108 Senior Lecturer
Mr Brian Leach 32185 Technician
Professor Martin Levesley 32110 Pro Dean - Student Education
Dr Tomasz Liskiewicz 38964 Associate Professor
Dr Aiqin Liu 39436 Resesarch Fellow
Miss Maria Lukic   39434 Research Associate

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Name Email Extension Position
Mrs Geraldine MacDonald 38914 Administrative Assistant - iMBE
Dr Filippo Mangolini 39740 University Academic Fellow
Dr Uriel Martinez Hernandez 32200 Research Fellow
Dr Adriana Matamoros Veloza 32107 Research Fellow
Professor Alison McKay 38175 Professor of Design Systems
Mrs Katie McLaughlin 33913 Secretary
Dr Marlène Mengoni 35011 School Research Fellow in Musculoskeletal Interventions
Dr Qingen Meng 38893 Research Fellow
Dr Danielle Miles 34992 Research Fellow
Mr David Moore 30933 Communication and Engagement Assistant (Medical Technologies)
Mr Rhys Moore 32171 Technician
Professor Ardian Morina 38965 Professor of Engineering Tribology
Miss Lisa-Dionne Morris 36665 Teaching Fellow
Mr Stephen Murgatroyd 32173 Technician

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Name Email Extension Position
Mr Mohammadreza Nekouie Esfahani 39185 Research Associate
Professor Anne Neville 36812 RAEng Chair in Emerging Technologies & Deputy Head of School

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Name Email Extension Position
Mr Andrew O'Brien a.o' 32196 Technician

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Name Email Extension Position
Ms Kate Page 32118 Development Officer - Flexible Learning
Mr Pourya Parsaeian 32107 Research Fellow
Miss Susan Partridge 39210 Research Assistant
Dr Frederick Pessu 32179 Research Fellow
Mr Andrew Pickering 32131 Technician
Mr Julien Pohl   Research Fellow

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Name Email Extension Position
Dr Osvaldo M. Querin 32218 Associate Professor

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Name Email Extension Position
Dr Michael Raxworthy 38775 Operations Director Regener8 & RAEng Visiting Professor in Medical Technology Innovation and Translation
Mr David Readman 32131 Technician
Prof Robert Richardson 32156 Professor of Robotics
Dr Daniel Ruprecht 32201 University Academic Fellow

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Name Email Extension Position
Dr Mohammad Sanami   Research Fellow
Ms Judith Schneider 32126 Clerk/Administrator (Support)
Dr Andrew Shires 35457 Associate Professor
Dr Sebastien Sikora 39162 Research Fellow
Mrs Fiona Slade 32202 Administrative Support Officer
Mr Siavash Soltanahmadi 32107 Research Fellow
Dr Jennifer Spear 30523 IKC Technology Innovation Manager
Dr Todd Stewart 32133 Senior Lecturer in Medical Engineering
Dr Jonathan Summers 32151 Senior Lecturer

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Name Email Extension Position
Dr Briony Thomas 39694 Lecturer
Mr Jordan Thomas 32120 Lead Technician
Professor Harvey Thompson 32136 Professor of Computational Fluid Dynamics
Ms Julie Thrush 37046 Education Service Officer
Mrs Jane Tillotson 32186 Receptionist
Professor Joanne Tipper 35611 Professor of Medical & Biological Engineering & Programme Director CDTTERM, CDTMBE & DTCTERM
Mr Darren Trowsdale 38120 Teaching Fellow

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Name Email Extension Position
Miss Carol Walder 36494 School Administrator
Dr Chun Wang 32198 Research Fellow
Dr Hongbo Wang 32146 Research Fellow
Mr Lee Wetherill 32171 Technician
Mr Antony Wiese 32187 Technician
Dr Nagitha Wijayathunga 32125 Research Fellow
Mrs Jane Wilcox 30929 Medical Technologies - Reporting and Information Manager
Professor Ruth Wilcox 37980 Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Dr Sophie Williams 32214 Associate Professor in Medical Engineering
Dr Stacy-Paul Wilshaw 35619 BHRC Senior Translational Research Fellow in Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering
Dr Mark Wilson 32177 Lecturer
Mr Phillip Wood 32188 iMBE Laboratory Manager in Mechanical Engineering

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Name Email Extension Position
Dr John Zhao 32208 Research Fellow