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Institute of Particle Science and Engineering

Professor Michael Fairweather

BSc; PhD; CEng

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tel:+44 (0)113 3432419
location:Engineering Building 218




School Director of Learning and Teaching

Research activities

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Research students

Professor Fairweather is currently supervising the following research student(s):

Shafeeq Ahmed Solids aggregation in nuclear waste sludge
Alastair Clements Mercury emissions in oxy-coal processes
Adam Dyson Energy reduction in domestic homes through the implementation of smart control systems
James Goode The drying of spent nuclear fuel
Rodrigo Guadarrama Lara Modelling fluid-structure interaction problems with coupled DEM-LBM
Charles Ikonwa Investigations into the development of an efficient wind turbine
Michael Johnson Gas retention and release from nuclear legacy waste
Bashar Mahmoud .
Raymond Owhondah Optimisation of small scale low cost anaerobic digestion systems: Model based analysis
Davide Poggio Modification and experimental calibration of ADM1 for modelling the anaerobic digestion of solid wastes in demand driven applications
Fatemeh Rezazadeh Performance evaluation of flexible natural gas power generation plants with post-combustion CO2 capture technologies
James Shepherd Mathematical modelling of the oxidation and dissolution of uranium carbide
John Vickers PIV investigation of impinging jets

Selected publications

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Guadarrama-Lara R, Jia X, Fairweather M A meso-scale model for fluid-microstructure interactions in: Procedia Engineering. Elsevier. Accepted.LINK
Rice HP, Fairweather M, Peakall J, Hunter TN, Mahmoud B, Biggs SR Constraints on the functional form of the critical deposition velocity in solid-liquid pipe flow at low solid volume fractions. Chemical Engineering Science, vol. 126, pp.759-770. 2015.LINK
Cowell DMJ, Freear S, Smith I, Rice HP, Hunter TN, Njobuenwu D, Fairweather M, Peakall J, Barnes M, Randall G, IEEE Development of a real-time acoustic backscatter system for solids concentration measurement during nuclear waste cleanup in: 2015 IEEE INTERNATIONAL ULTRASONICS SYMPOSIUM (IUS). 2015.LINK
Njobuenwu DO, Fairweather M Dynamics of single, non-spherical ellipsoidal particles in a turbulent channel flow. Chemical Engineering Science, vol. 123, pp.265-282. 2015.LINK
Afkhami M, Hassanpour A, Fairweather M, Njobuenwu DO Fully coupled LES-DEM of particle interaction and agglomeration in a turbulent channel flow. Computers and Chemical Engineering, vol. 78, pp.24-38. 2015.LINK
Shepherd JS, Fairweather M, Heggs PJ, Hanson BC Mathematical modelling of the pre-oxidation of a uranium carbide fuel pellet. Computers and Chemical Engineering, vol. 83, pp.203-213. 2015.LINK

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