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Institute of Particle Science and Engineering

Professor Michael Fairweather

BSc; PhD; CEng

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tel:+44 (0)113 3432419
location:Engineering Building 218




School Director of Learning and Teaching

Research activities

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Research students

Professor Fairweather is currently supervising the following research student(s):

Shafeeq Ahmed Solids aggregation in nuclear waste sludge
Alastair Clements Modelling mercury oxidation and radiative heat transfer in oxy-coal environments
Adam Dyson Energy reduction in domestic homes using smart control systems
James Goode The drying of spent nuclear fuel
Rodrigo Guadarrama Lara Modelling fluid-structure interaction problems with coupled DEM-LBM
Charles Ikonwa Investigations into the development of an efficient wind turbine
Michael Johnson Gas retention and release from nuclear legacy waste
Bashar Mahmoud .
Raymond Owhondah Optimisation of small scale low cost anaerobic digestion systems: Model based analysis
Davide Poggio Modification and experimental calibration of ADM1 for modelling the anaerobic digestion of solid wastes in demand driven applications
Fatemeh Rezazadeh Optimal integration of post-combustion CO2 capture process w ith natural gas fired combined cycle power plants
John Vickers PIV investigation of impinging jets

Selected publications

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Johnson M, Peakall J, Fairweather M, Biggs S, Harbottle D, Hunter T Gas Retention and Release from Nuclear Legacy Waste in: WM2016 Conference Proceedings. WM Symposia. Accepted.LINK
Colombo M, Fairweather M RANS simulation of bubble coalescence and break-up in bubbly two-phase flows. Chemical Engineering Science, vol. 146, pp.207-225. 2016.DOI
Guadarrama-Lara R, Jia X, Fairweather M A meso-scale model for fluid-microstructure interactions in: Procedia Engineering, vol. 102, pp.1356-1365. Elsevier. 2015.LINK
Ma CY, Mahmud T, Fairweather M A Radiative Flamelet Combustion Model for Turbulent, Premixed Methane-Air Flames. Journal of Multidisciplinary Engineering Science and Technology, vol. 2, pp.2976-2981. 2015.LINK
Shepherd J, Fairweather M, Hanson BC, Heggs PJ A Two-Dimensional, Finite-Difference Model of the Oxidation of a Uranium Carbide Fuel Pellet in: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF COMPUTATIONAL METHODS IN SCIENCES AND ENGINEERING 2015 (ICCMSE 2015), vol. 1702, . 2015.LINK
Wareing CJ, Fairweather M, Woolley RM, Falle SAEG Comparison of Numerical Predictions with CO2 Pipeline Release Datasets of Relevance to Carbon Capture and Storage Applications in: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF COMPUTATIONAL METHODS IN SCIENCES AND ENGINEERING 2015 (ICCMSE 2015), vol. 1702, . 2015.LINK

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