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Faculty of Engineering

Professor Peter Jimack

BSc (Bristol); PhD (Bristol)

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tel:+44 (0)113 3432002
location:School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering 157
personal web address:


Professor of Scientific Computing

Research activities

Peter's general research area is Scientific Computation and he is particularly interested in efficient, accurate and reliable computational techniques for the solution of partial differential equations. The majority of his research work has involved the development and analysis of adaptive finite element algorithms and the use of parallel computer architectures.

Research Institute Membership

Research students

Professor Jimack is currently supervising the following research student(s):

Khaled Al-Ghaithi
Ahlam Alrehaili Efficient iterative solution algorithms for numerical models of multiphase flow

Teaching activities

In session 2015-2016 Peter teaches module leader for COMP5990M, COMP5991M and COMP5992M, which are taken by students studying in the EPRSC Centre for Doctoral Training in Fluid Dynamics

In 2015/2016, Professor Jimack will be involved in teaching the following modules:

Pro Dev Skills1 COMP5990M
Pro Dev Skills 2 COMP5991M
Pro Dev Skills 3 COMP5992M

Selected publications

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Bollada PC, Goodyer CE, Jimack PK, Mullis AM Simulations of three-dimensional dendritic growth using a coupled thermo-solutal phase-field model. Applied Physics Letters, vol. 107, 2015.LINK
Bollada PC, Goodyer CE, Jimack PK, Mullis AM, Yang FW Three dimensional thermal-solute phase field simulation of binary alloy solidification. Journal of Computational Physics, vol. 287, pp.130-150. 2015.LINK
Ahmed S, Goodyer CE, Jimack PK An adaptive finite element procedure for fully-coupled point contact elastohydrodynamic lubrication problems. Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, vol. 282, pp.1-21. 2014.LINK
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Ahmed S, Goodyer CE, Jimack PK An Efficient Preconditioned Iterative Solution of Fully-Coupled Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication Problems. Applied Numerical Mathematics, vol. 62, pp.649-663. 2012.DOI
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