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Professor Mohamed Pourkashanian

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tel:+44 (0)113 3432512
location:Energy Building 308


Visiting Professor


Academic Background

Professor Pourkashanian is the Head of the University of Leeds' Energy Technology and Innovation Initiative and Director of the Pilot-scale Advanced Capture Technology (PACT) national facilities. He holds a chair in high temperature combustion technology and has completed numerous major research projects on clean energy technology and has received a substantial sum of grants from RCUK-EPSRC, EU, NATO, and industry. He has published over 356 refereed research papers and has co-authored books on coal combustion. He played a leading role in developing the NOx post-processing computer codes and subsequently soot/NOx models that were later employed in the commercial CFD software. He is a member of numerous international and national scientific bodies including a member of EERA Implementation Plan 2013-2015 (contribution to CCS-EII Team, SET-PLAN), a member of Coordinating Group of UKCCSRC, an invited member of the All Party Parliamentary Renewable Transport Fuels Group, member of technical working group for the Department of Energy & Climate Change (CCS Roadmap UK2050) and Expert-Member in EU-GCC Clean Gas Energy Network.

Research activities

Selected publications

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Boot-Handford ME; Abanades JC; Anthony EJ; Blunt MJ; Brandani S; Mac Dowell N; Fernández JR; Ferrari MC; Gross R; Hallett JP Carbon capture and storage update. Energy and Environmental Science, vol. 7, pp.130-189. 2014.DOI
Millward-Hopkins JT; Tomlin AS; Ma L; Ingham DB; Pourkashanian M Assessing the potential of urban wind energy in a major UK city using an analytical model. Renewable Energy, vol. 60, pp.701-710. 2013.LINK
Ismail MS; Hughes KJ; Ingham DB; Ma L; Pourkashanian M Effect of PTFE loading of gas diffusion layers on the performance of proton exchange membrane fuel cells running at high-efficiency operating conditions. International Journal of Energy Research, vol. 37, pp.1592-1599. 2013.DOI
Hassan G; Pourkashanian M; Ingham D; Ma L; Newman P; Odedra A Predictions of CO and NOx emissions from steam cracking furnaces using GRI2.11 detailed reaction mechanism - A CFD investigation. Computers and Chemical Engineering, vol. 58, pp.68-83. 2013.DOI
Larsen KJ; Burns AD; Gubba SR; Ingham DB; Ma L; Pourkashanian M; Williams A Pulverised coal and biomass co-combustion: particle flow modelling in a swirl burner. Journal of the Energy Institute, vol. 86, pp.220-226. 2013.LINK
Ismail MS; Ingham DB; Hughes KJ; Ma L; Pourkashanian M Thermal modelling of the cathode in air-breathing PEM fuel cells. Applied Energy, vol. 111, pp.529-537. 2013.DOI

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