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Dr Catherine Bale

MSc; DPhil

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tel:+44 (0)113 3438250
location:Energy Building G19
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Senior Research Fellow

Academic Background

  • 2005 - DPhil in Atmospheric Chemisty (University of Oxford)
  • 2001 - MChem (University of Oxford)

Research activities

  • I am an interdisciplinary research fellow working across the disciplines of engineering, economics and social science
  • I currently hold an EPSRC post-doctoral fellowship and I am undertaking a three year project entitled 'Reducing Heat Demand in UK Cities: Using Complexity Science to Enable Effective Decision-making' (EP/K022288/1)
  • In addition I am PI on a project awarded from the Chesshire-Lehmann Fund entitled 'Spatial Mapping Tools for District Heating: Helping Local Authorities Tackle Fuel Poverty'
  • I am also a researcher in the iBUILD consortium which is funded by EPSRC and ESRC and aims to develop new business models to improve the delivery of infrastructure systems and the services they provide

My research interests are centred on:

Research Institute Membership

Research students

Dr Bale is currently supervising the following research student(s):

Katrina Adam Integrating resource and infratructure information to enahnce strategic implementation of distributed generation in cities
David Allen Analysis of the uptake in the feed-in tariff market and modelling of the wind resource
Ruth Bush Governing low carbon socio-technical transitions - a case study of distric heating in Great Britain

Selected publications

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McCullen NJ, Rucklidge AM, Bale CSE, Foxon TJ, Gale WF Multiparameter Models of Innovation Diffusion on Complex Networks. SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems, vol. 12, pp.515-532. 2013.LINK
Workshop steering committee led by C Bale Energy and Complexity - The Way Forward: Workshop report. UKERC. 2012.LINK
Bale CSE, Foxon TJ, Hannon MJ, Gale WF Strategic Energy Planning within Local Authorities in the UK: a Study of the City of Leeds. Energy Policy, vol. 48, pp.242-251. 2012.LINK

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