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School of Civil Engineering

Professor Stephen Garrity

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tel:+44 (0)113 3435388
fax:+44 (0)113 3432265
location:School of Civil Engineering 411


Hoffman Wood Professor of Architectural Engineering

Research activities

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Research students

Professor Garrity is currently supervising the following research student(s):

Abdulrahman Bashawri Design guidance for post-disaster relief shelters
Augustino Mwambingu Influence of flood effects on masonry arch bridges

Selected publications

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Sarhosis V, Garrity SW, Sheng Y Influence of brick-mortar interface on the mechanical behaviour of low bond strength masonry brickwork lintels. Engineering Structures, vol. 88, pp.1-11. 2015.LINK
Garrity SW Clay brickwork and it spotential contribution to sustainable infrastructure. Masonry International: journal of the International Masonry Society, vol. 27, pp.31-35. 2014.LINK
Garrity SW Built environment infrastructure design: some lessons from the past. International Journal of Engineering and Technology, vol. 5, pp.428-433. 2013.LINK
Garrity SW Large-scale testing of retro-reinforced brick arches in: IABSE Symposium Report: Assessment, Upgrading and Refurbishment of Infrastructures, vol. 99, pp.514-521. International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering. 2013.LINK
Garrity SW Strengthening of masonry arch bridges with near-surface reinforcement: A case study. International Journal of Engineering and Technology, vol. 5, pp.370-373. 2013.LINK
Garrity SW, Ashour AF, Chen Y An experimental investigation of retro-reinforced clay brick arches. International Masonry Society Proceedings, vol. 1, pp.733-742. 2010.LINK
Chen Y, Ashour AF, Garrity SW Moment/thrust diagrams for reinforced masonry sections. Construction and Building Materials, vol. 22, pp.763-770. 2008.LINK
Chen Y, Ashour AF, Garrity SW Modified four-hinge mechanism analysis for masonry arches strengthened with near-surface reinforcement. Engineering Structures, vol. 29, pp.1864-1871. 2007.DOI

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