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School of Chemical and Process Engineering


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When telephoning from outside the University, dial: 0113 34 extension

Unless otherwise stated, all offices are located in the Engineering Building

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Key contacts

Position Name Email Extension
Head of School Professor Elaine Martin 30889
Director of Institute of Materials Research Professor Andrew Mullis 32568
Director of Energy Research Institute Professor William Gale 32796
Director of Student Education Professor Michael Fairweather 32419
Director of Research Dr James Young 32349


Name Email Extension Position
Dr Ibrahim Abdel Moaty   Research Fellow
Dr Patricia Abellan Baeza   Research Fellow
Dr James Addis   Research Fellow
Mr Muzammil Ali   Research Fellow
Mr Antonio Anastasiou 38592 Research Fellow
Professor Gordon Andrews 32493 Professor
Dr Joseph Antony 32409 Associate Professor
Miss Caroline Ashava 32444 Education Service Officer/Receptionist
Dr Zabeada Aslam 32569 Research Officer
Mrs Ulrike Aufderhorst 32420 Research Secretary
Dr Claudio Avila   Research Fellow

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Name Email Extension Position
Dr Hamidreza Bahari Poor Fakoosh   Research Fellow
Dr Lizhan Bai   Research Fellow
Dr Catherine Bale 38250 Senior Research Fellow
Professor Keith Bartle     Visiting Emeritus Professor
Professor Andrew Bayly 30167 Professor
Professor Andrew Bell 32370 Professor
Mrs Janet Bell 38891 Research Secretary
Mr Gurdev Bhogal 32519 Technician
Mr Robert Blissett   KTP Associate (Process Development Engineer)
Dr Antonia Borissova 32421 Teaching Fellow
Dr Richard Bourne 36547 Tenure Track Fellow
Mr Christopher Brier 32487 Senior Experimental Officer
Dr Andrew Brown 32382 Lecturer
Miss Emily Bryan-Kinns 36937 Doctoral Training Centre Officer
Professor Richard Brydson 32369 Professor
Dr Alan Burns 32507 Visiting Senior Lecturer

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Name Email Extension Position
Miss Diana Camacho Corzo   Research Fellow
Dr Olivier Cayre 34939 Lecturer
Mr Jayakrishnan Chandrappan   Research Fellow
Mr Jackie Chan   KTP Associate (Fire Design Engineer)
Professor David Charters   Visiting Professor
Dr Mohammed Chunggaze   Manager (Support)
Mrs Diane Cochrane 32363 Lead Technician (IMR)
Dr Robert Cochrane 32359 Senior Lecturer
Professor Timothy Cockerill 37678 Professor
Dr Giuseppe Colantuono   Research Fellow
Dr Stephen Collins 32424 Research Associate
Dr Marco Colombo   Research Fellow
Miss Rachel Cox 32547 School Education Service Manager
Mr Ernest Cran 32681 Technician
Dr Rolf Crook 37737 Lecturer
Dr Adrian Cunliffe 32470 Analytical Support Technician

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Name Email Extension Position
Dr Leilani Darvell 36143 Research Fellow
Mr Peter Dawson 32565 Lead Technician (School & IPSE)
Ms Petra Desatova 32465 Education Service Officer
Professor Yulong Ding 32747 Visiting Professor
Dr Darron Dixon-Hardy 32800 Senior Lecturer
Dr Ben Douglas   Technician
Dr Valerie Dupont 32503 Reader

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Name Email Extension Position
Professor David Edmonds 32386 Visiting Professor
Dr Faye Esat 32540 Research Fellow

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Name Email Extension Position
Professor Michael Fairweather 32419 Professor
Miss Sarah-Joy Ford 32348 Administrative Assistant
Dr Yahia Fouda   Research Fellow
Dr Robert Fowell   Visiting Fellow

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Name Email Extension Position
Professor William Gale 32796 Professor
Professor Mojtaba Ghadiri 32406 Professor
Professor Bernard Gibbs   Visiting Professor
Mrs Marie Gray 32426 Research Secretary
Dr Bijal Gudka 39010 Research Fellow

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Name Email Extension Position
Dr Robert Hammond 32428 Lecturer
Professor Bruce Hanson 30475 Professor
Dr David Harbottle 34154 Lecturer
Mr Trevor Hardcastle   Research Fellow
Dr Colin Hare 32407 Research Fellow
Mr John Harrington 32559 Experimental Officer
Professor James Harrison     Visiting Professor
Mr Robert Harris 32681 Technician
Dr Ali Hassanpour 32405 Associate Professor
Mr David Haynes 37907 Research Secretary/PA to the Centre for Integrated Energy Research (CIER)
Mr Thomas Hazlehurst   Research Fellow
Professor Peter Heggs 32386 Visiting Research Professor
Mr Yi He   Research Fellow
Mr James Hitchcock   Research Fellow
Dr Nicole Hondow 32056 University Academic Fellow
Professor Brian Hoyle 32386 Visiting Professor
Cllr Clive Hudson 32783 Senior Teaching Fellow
Dr Kevin Hughes 32481 Visiting Scientist
Dr Timothy Hunter 32790 Lecturer

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Name Email Extension Position
Professor Derek Ingham 35113 Visiting Professor
Mr David Instrell 35869 Technician

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Name Email Extension Position
Miss Lucy Jackson 32444 Receptionist/Education Service Officer
Mr Mohammed Javed 32396 Technician (Research)
Professor Artur Jaworski 34871 Chair in Energy Technology and Environment
Professor Animesh Jha 32342 Professor of Applied Materials Science
Dr Xiaodong Jia 32801 Senior Research Fellow
Professor Jenny Jones 32477 Professor
Professor Gin Jose 32536 Chair in Functional Materials
Mrs Kirnpal Jutlla 32404 Research Secretary

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Name Email Extension Position
Dr Girish Kale 32805 Reader in Solid State Ionics
Dr Dimitrios Kontziampasis   Research Fellow
Dr Eric Kumi Barimah   Experimental Officer

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Name Email Extension Position
Dr Xiaojun Lai 32439 Lecturer
Mr Trevor Lambourne 32792 R&I Development Manager
Mrs Sue Lazenby 32508 School Administration Manager
Dr Hu Li 37754 Associate Professor
Mr Simon Lloyd 32681 Technician

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Name Email Extension Position
Dr Faiz Mahdi   Research Fellow
Dr Tariq Mahmud 32431 Associate Professor
Dr Soyeb Manga   Research Fellow
Dr Xiaoan Mao 34807 Lecturer in Innovative Energy Technologies
Professor Elaine Martin 30889 Head of School
Dr Cai Ma 32401 Senior Research Fellow
Dr Lin Ma 38954 Visiting Researcher
Miss Claire McConnell 32380 Senior Education Service Officer
Professor Andrew McIntosh   Visiting Professor
Professor Alison McKay 38175 Professor of Design Systems
Mr James McKay 32556 Doctoral Training Centre Manager
Mr Stuart Micklethwaite 32559 Technician
Dr Steven Milne 32539 Reader
Miss Tina Mirzamohammadbonakdar     Research Fellow
Miss Katie Moore 36542 Education Service Officer
Miss Lindsay Morris 32694 Education Service Officer
Professor Frans Muller 32933 Professor
Professor Andrew Mullis 32568 Director of Institute of Materials Research
Dr Matthew Murray 38592 Research Fellow and CTO of Ultramatis (University spin-out)

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Name Email Extension Position
Dr Mohamad Nahil 32353 Research Fellow
Dr Bao Nguyen 30109 Tenure Track Fellow
Dr William Nimmo 32513 Visiting Scientist
Dr Derrick Njobuenwu 32351 Research Fellow
Dr Ehsan Nourafkan   Research Fellow

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Name Email Extension Position
Dr George Okeke 32357 Research Fellow
Mr Luke Osmond 35869 Technician

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Name Email Extension Position
Mr Anestis Papanikolaou   Research Fellow
Mr Mehrdad Pasha   Clerk/Administrator (Support)
Mrs Susanne Patel 32378 Lead Technician
Dr Herodotos Phylaktou 32505 Senior Lecturer
Dr Jonathan Pickering 35836 Research Fellow
Dr Andrew Pimm 37557 Research Fellow
Dr Jiri Polansky 32358 EMRP Research Associate Professor
Miss Angela Pollock 32343 Education Service Officer
Dr Colin Poole 32798 Senior Lecturer
Professor Mohamed Pourkashanian 32512 Visiting Professor

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Name Email Extension Position
Mrs Sue Rainton 32402 ERDF Programme Manager
Professor Ganapathy Ramachandran     Visiting Professor
Dr Vasuki Ramachandran 31687 Research Fellow
Professor Brian Rand 32536 Visiting Professor
Dr Ghulam Raza   Research Fellow
Dr Hugh Rice 32351 Research Fellow
Dr Billy Richards 32567 Research Fellow
Mr Peter Riley 32793 Course Tutor
Professor Kevin Roberts 32408 Brotherton Professor of Chemical Engineering
Mr Ian Rosbottom   Research Fellow
Dr Andrew Ross 31017 Associate Professor

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Name Email Extension Position
Dr Sergio Sanchez Segado 38592 Marie Curie IEF Fellow
Professor Sven Schroeder 32401 Royal Academy of Engineering Bragg Centenary Chair
Dr Andrew Scott 32573 Senior Lecturer
Mr Robert Simpson 32362 Research Technician
Mr Neil Smith 32681 Technician
Dr John Staggs 32495 Senior Lecturer
Dr John Stanford 32402 Business Development Manager, High Values Chemicals Manufacturing
Mr Jonathan Stephenson 35533 Technician
Dr Timothy Stevenson 32540 Visiting Senior Research Fellow
Dr Dan Sun   Research Fellow
Dr Janos Szuhanszki     Visiting Scientist

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Name Email Extension Position
Professor Peter Taylor 37169 Professor
Miss Emily Timms 32465 Education Service Officer
Professor Alison Tomlin 32500 Professor
Mr Thomas Turner   Research Fellow
Ms Jill Tushingham 32446 Flight Training Manager

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Name Email Extension Position
Dr Zia Wadud 37733 Associate Professor
Professor Mi Wang 32435 Professor of Process Tomography and Sensing
Professor Xue Wang 32427 Professor
Miss Abigail Ward   Technology Manager
Dr Michael Ward 32559 Research Officer
Dr Andrew Watson 32573 Visiting Senior Research Fellow
Professor Dongsheng Wen 31299 Chair in Petroleum Engineering
Dr Aidan Westwood 32555 Lecturer
Miss Antonia Whitley   School Administration Officer
Miss Jennifer Whittaker   Clerk/Administrator (Support)
Professor Terence Wilkins 32570 Professor
Professor Alan Williams 32507 Research Professor
Professor Paul Williams 32504 Professor
Professor Richard Williams 32789 Visiting Professor
Mr Edmund Woodhouse 32387 Lead Technician to the Energy Research Institute (ERI)
Mrs Ann Wood 32355 Education Service Assistant
Dr Stephen Wright 31598 Lecturer

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Name Email Extension Position
Dr Bao Hua Xu 32423 Lecturer

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Name Email Extension Position
Professor David York 33238 Professor
Dr James Young 32349 Deputy Head of School

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Name Email Extension Position
Dr Huagui Zhang   Research Fellow