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Institute for Materials Research


sensorsInvestigations in this research group focus on functional nanomaterials used for the development of Bio-chemical Sensors, Biomaterials, Electrochemical technologies for metal processing and recycling and, for the enhancement of Corrosion resistance in metals and alloys. Nanomaterials have high surface area and interesting physico-chemical properties such as improved magnetic properties, high reactivity and enhanced catalytic activity. Our expertise is in the area of synthesis, characterisation and application of nanomaterials for the development of new in situ and ex situ process control and monitoring technologies.

SensorsIn this research group we use hydrothermal process, reflux processing, alginate process and jamming process for the synthesis of functional nanostructured particulates of metals and metal oxides. The functional nanoparticles have been structurally characterised by X-ray diffraction procedures as a function of temperature and time in controlled atmosphere, at Synchrotron Radiation Source at Daresbury Laboratory and at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (ISIS) near Oxford. Nanoparticles have also been characterised for their morphologies and composition using Scannng Electron Microscopy and for crystal structure using Transmission Electron Microscopy. The nanoparticulate matter has been consolidated by high pressure compaction or automatic screen printing process and sintering at elevated temperatures in electrical resistance furnaces capable of attaining 1700 C.
Electrical characterisation has been carried out using a suite of Solartron instruments, Kiethley instruments, mass flow controllers and mass spectrometer in combination.

Sensors Sensors

Academic Staff
Dr. Girish Kale
Dr. Zihua Wang
Prof Andrew Bell

Selected Publications
Rehan, M., Lai, X. and Kale, G. M.: Hydrothermal synthesis of titanium dioxide nanoparticles studied employing in-situ energy dispersive X-ray diffraction, Cryst. Eng. Comm., 13, 3725 – 3732 (2011).

Wang, Z., Kale, G. M. and Ghadiri, M.: Synthesis and characterisation of CexGd1-xO2-δ nanopowders employing an alginate mediated ion-exchange process, Chemical Eng. J., 198 – 199, 149 – 153 (2012).

Wang, Z., Kale, G. M., Yuan, Q. and Ghadiri, M.: X-ray micro-tomography of freeze dried nickel alginate beads and transformation into NiO nanopowders, RSC Advances, 2, 9993 - 9997 (2012).