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Institute for Materials Research

Partners and Networks

In the field of materials characterisation we are one of the founding partners (together with the Universities of Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow and Oxford) of the SuperSTEM Aberration-corrected Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy, the first aberration-corrected user facility in the world. We are also closely involved with the Diamond Synchrotron, with the joint appointment of the Bragg Centenary Chair, co-funded by the University of Leeds, Diamond and the Royal Academy of Engineering.

Our research groups work with a wide range of UK industries across all manufacturing sectors. These include the leading defence contractor Thales, piezoelectric ink jet manufacturer Xaar, materials development specialist Ceram, with whom we are developing aerospace devices and Morgan Advanced Materials and Technology in the area of carbon/carbon composites and nanocarbon-filled polymer composites.

In the areas of materials metrology and simulation we have strong links with the National Physical Laboratory and the Hartree Simulation Centre. We are working with the UK Space Agency to promote the utilisation of microgravity facilities for materials research following the UK’s 5 year commitment to join the European Space Agency ELIPS-4 microgravity programme.