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University of Leeds extends microscopy capability
with Hitachi’s next-generation CFE-SEM

The UK’s University of Leeds Electron Microscopy and Spectroscopy Centre (LEMAS), internationally renowned as a leading research centre in microscopic and spectroscopic characterisation, has extended its electron microscopy capability by installing the first of a new generation of high performance cold field emission SEMs.

The Hitachi SU8230 at Leeds is the first SEM in Europe to utilise the latest high stability CFE technology and will be used for nanomaterial characterisation in pharmaceutical, catalysis and energy applications.

Ultra-low voltage capabilities, including low-loss BSE imaging, will provide information on the true-surface and electrical properties of materials at nanoscale resolution.

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The instrument is expected to stimulate nanomaterials research in the region by being made accessible to industry and outside Higher Education institutions.

New Hitachi Microscopy facilities in LEMAS

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