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Institute for Materials Research


X-Ray Diffraction
The x-ray diffraction facility (XRD) within IMR hosts two instruments:

1) P’Analytical XPert MPD
• Accessories.
• Anton Paar Hot stage, 25 to 1200 °C
• Anton Paar Cold stage, Liq. N2 to 450 °C
• High vacuum system compatible with both stages
• Texture cradle, for single crystal and orientated materials
• Hybrid monochromator, range of other optics
• Sample mounts for awkward shapes

2) Bruker D8
This system employs a fast Vantec detector and a choice of Cu and Ag tubes and offers:
• PDF analysis of amorphous and poorly crystalline systems.
• Measurement in fluids using high energy Ag tube.
• Rapid studies – 20 patterns per minute.

Analysis suite:
The facility has the latest software from PAnalytical to allow for data analysis, including
• Xpert Highscore Plus – phase analysis, nanosizing, phase proportions, Rietveld refinements
• Xpert Texture.
• Xpert Reflectometry – determining the thickness, roughness and density of sub micron films.
• Xpert Residual Stress – for calculating stress in for example metallic substrates.
In addition, we have three licenses for ICDD (International Centre for Diffraction Data) which contains 360,000 entries, allowing rapid data analysis for experts and non-experts in this technique.

Examples of where this technique has been used:
• Observing carbon capture in Ca based systems in real time.
• Determining size and crystal structure in fuel cell materials.
• Determining electric field based phase transitions in ferroelectrics.
• Studying quantum dots.
• Calculating precise lattice parameters in new materials.
• Quantitative analysis of mixtures.

Spectroscopic Facilities in IMR
• Ar+-ion pumped laser spectroscopy
• Tunable Ti-sapphire pumped laser spectroscopy (Emission Spectroscopy of RE/TM ions)
• Edinburgh Instrument (300-5500 nm) time-resolved fluorimeter
• Fibre laser and gain characterisation (800-1700 nm)
• Renishaw inVia Raman Microscope Spectrometer with Low-frequency (up to 10 cm-1) characterisation capability
• Bruker Vertex 70 FT-IR Spectrometer (range 50 – 10000 wavenumbers ( 25-1um)) with fibre characterisation box (range 850 – 10000 wavenumbers (3.3 – 1um))
• Perkin Elmer Lambda 950 UV/VIS/NIR Spectrometer (range 170nm – 3200nm) plus additional modules of UA reflectance and a 60mm Integrating Sphere