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Institute for Materials Research


Microscopy within IMR is located in two dedicated areas.

1) Optical Microscopy
Optical microscopy is based at the heart of IMR within the fully equipped suite of sample preparation laboratories. Technical support is at hand for microscopy and sample preparation.
• Extensive preparation facility for metallic, ceramic and composite materials, resin impregnation, precision sectioning, polishing etc.).
• Wide range of reflected and transmitted light microscopes.
• Polarised light, differential interference contrast, etc.
• Zeiss AxioVision and ZEN image capture and analysis software.

2) Electron Microscopy

Transmission Electron Microscopy

  • FEI Tecnai TF20: FEGTEM Field emission gun TEM/STEM fitted with HAADF detector, Oxford Instruments INCA 350 EDX system/80mm X-Max SDD detector and Gatan Orius SC600A CCD camera.
  • Philips CM200: FEGTEM Field emission gun TEM/STEM with Supertwin Objective lens, cryoshielding, Oxford Instruments INCA EDX system and Gatan Imaging Filter - EELS/EFTEM - high resolution TEM/STEM for atomic- scale imaging, microanalysis and mapping.
  • Special TEM sample facilities: (i) 2 double tilt analytical holders, (ii) Tilt/rotate analytical cooling holder, (iii) Bench-mounted ex-situ reaction/heating cell with vacuum transfer facility, (iv) Fischione plasma cleaner, (v) Gatan model 628 single tilt heating holder - up to 1200C, (vi) Nanofactory combined Scanning Tunnelling Microscope (STM) and TEM holder.
  • TEM Sample Preparation: (i) Gatan PIPS low angle ion beam thinner, (ii) Gatan Duomill with sample cooling facility (iii) 2 Dimplers, (iv) Range of Coating units


  • FEI Nova 200 NanoLab high resolution Field Emission Gun Scanning Electron Microscope(FEGSEM) with precise Focused Ion Beam(FIB) - etch and deposition capabilities
  • In-situ TEM sample preparation and Ion beam capabilities.

Scanning Electron Microscopy 

  • LEO 1530: Gemini FEGSEM with Oxford Instruments AZtecEnergy EDX system with 80mm X-Max SDD detector - high resolution, low kV, secondary electron imaging plus EDX capabilities and KE STEM detector.
  • Carl Zeiss EVO MA15: variable pressure W SEM with Oxford Instruments AZtecEnergy EDX system with 80mm X-Max SDD detector- secondary and backscattered imaging, EDX elemental mapping and linescans plus CZ STEM detector.
  • FEI Quanta 650: FEGESEM environmental SEM with Oxford Instruments INCA 350 EDX system/80mm X-Max SDD detector, EBSD and KE Centaurus EBSD system.SEM for orientation imaging, texture analysis etc with environmental capabilities.
  • Jeol 8230: dedicated electron microprobe with 5 spectrometers, EDS/EDX capabilities- for quantitative mapping and microanalysis.
  • Camscan CS44: SEM with EDX and Cathodoluminescence facilities.