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Institute for Materials Research

Electrical property characterisation

Complete property characterisation of a wide range of electroceramic materials - measurement ranges of 40 Hz to 10 GHz and -190 C to 1500 C - including electromechanical resonance (Solartron Modulab 2100A), permittivity (Agilent 4294A), strain and polarisation measurements (Radiant Precision LC) as a function of electric field (< 40 kV) and temperature. For:
• Dielectrics.
• Piezoelectrics.
• Electrostrictives.
• Pyroelectrics
• Electrocalorics.

• Permittivity / Impedance spectroscopy as a function of temperature (Agilent 4294A, Solartron Modulab 2100A).
• Multi-channel high impedance electrometer.
• Strain and Polarisation measurement as a function of field and temperature (Radiant Precision LC).
• Analytical Probe Station at submicron level with hot/cold temperature controllers.