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Equivalent Qualifications

The following table lists a range of possible entry qualifications and the minimum attainment required for eligibility for the Head of School Scholarship. If you have any questions please contact the relevant Admissions Team.

Please note this scholarship is currently only available students starting in 2014.

A-Level (3 subjects) (A2) AAA
BTEC (HND) Higher National Diploma Distinction in every module
BTEC (ND) National Diploma D*DD
BTEC (NC) National Certificate Not eligible
BTEC HNC (Higher National Certificate) Distinction in every module
European Baccalaureate 8.5 or 85%
French Baccalaureate (Science) 13.5 overall
French Baccalaureate (Arts) N/A
German Abitur 1.2 overall
International Baccalaureate 35 points overall, with 18 points at higher level including 5 for Mathematics
Polish New Matura 90 % overall and 85% in subjects required for the course
Welsh Baccalaureate A / Distinction
Irish Leaving Certificate A1 A1 A2 A2 A2 A2 (note additional pass is required for matriculation)
Scottish Advanced Highers AAA including Mathematics
Scottish Highers Not eligible without Advanced Highers
The University of Leeds Interdisciplinary Science programme (CFG0) A minimum of 65% overall for CFGO foundation. Candidates must also achieve 65% in the subjects required for the course. For example if the course requires mathematics the candidate will need to achieve a grade of 65% in this subject
Access to HE Distinction in 45 level 3 credits
Lithuania – Brandos Atestatas 9/10 overall
Sweden – Slutbetyg Fullstandigt MVG (Exceptional)
Romania – Diploma de Bacalaureat 9.5
Greece – Apolytirio of Lykeio 19/20
Cyprus – Apolytirio of Lykeio 19/20 plus A at A level
Latvia – Atestation of General Secondary Education Grade B overall (previous scale 8-9)