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Undergraduate degrees

We offer a broad range of undergraduate degree courses spanning the breadth of the engineering and computing disciplines and geared around a wide range of careers.

Here are just a few of the benefits of studying for an engineering or computing degree at Leeds:

- You will benefit from our integrated style of learning and teaching. Laboratory classes and project work allow you to gain hands-on experience investigating and applying material from your lectures to real life situations.

- The majority of our degree courses are accredited, which will help you to become a Chartered Engineer after graduating.

- All of our degree courses offer you the opportunity to study abroad or undertake a placement year.

- Our employability suite, located centrally within the Faculty, houses our dedicated employability team, who will provide you with specialist face-to-face support and advice.

- You will be taught and supervised by world-class academics on degree courses that are at the leading edge of thinking in the field.

- Our strong connections with industry ensure our courses are up to date and in line with employer needs.

- We provide excellent student support, with student support teams located close to where you work and study, ensuring personalised and direct contact.

- You will be learn how to identify, analyse and respond effectively to ethical issues arising in your professional lives, and benefit from a national centre of excellence with expertise in engineering ethics and professionalism.

The UK employs over 5 million engineers, and by 2020 will need over 800,000 more. Beat that for great job prospects!

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Engineers use technology to improve peoples lives by developing new and improved technologies.

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Women in Engineering


We have a strong commitment to supporting women across the engineering disciplines.

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