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Faculty of Engineering

First class Facilities

We have a programme of continued investment in facilities and infrastructure ensuring that our staff, students and our research benefits from state of the art, high quality equipment and laboratories.

A selection of these are listed below:


  • Merlin Engineering/FNPT-1 motion flight simulator
  • Frasca FNPT-2 flight simulator
  • Airbus A320 flight simulator
  • Cessna flight simulator
  • Engine laboratory with micro-turbojet and micro-turboprop engines

Chemical and Process Engineering

  • Advanced Electron Optics for nano-scale materials characterization
  • Preparative facilities for making and characterizing particulate systems for a wide range of technological materials
  • Pilot scale combustion systems
  • Facilities for advanced environmental monitoring and pollution control
  • Advanced energy systems including fusion cells and a combustion CAP suite

Civil Engineering

  • Fully equipped structural strong floor
  • Class II aerobiology chamber
  • Soils and testing rigs for full-scale structures built of construction materials
  • Advanced techniques to study the micro behaviour of cementitious materials
  • Full-scale field monitoring of structures and building services


  • 53-megapixel display wall with 7x4 monitors
  • Benchtop display (3x4 monitors) with tracking system
  • WorldViz PPT optical tracking system
  • Intersense InertiaCube orientation tracker
  • Virtual Research V8 stereo head-mounted display

Electronic and Electrical Engineering

  • £4.5m electron-beam lithography facility capable of sub-10-nm patterning
  • III-V semiconductor Molecular Beam Epitaxy facility to fabricate advanced compound semiconductor optoelectronic devices
  • A class 100 semiconductor cleanroom
  • New terahertz measurement research laboratory which features the Agilent 1.1-THz PNA network analyzer
  • Bio-electronics laboratory

Mechanical Engineering

  • A unique fan assisted bomb for investigating high temperature and pressure combustion
  • Dowson Tribology Laboratory containing tribometers and specialised simulation rigs for the study of lubrication, friction and wear in real systems
  • Surface analysis suite including atomic force microscopy, nanoindentation, mass spectroscopy, X-ray photoelectrono spectroscopy, infrared spectrosocopy and quartz crystal microbalances
  • Novel joint simulators for studying the wear of artificial joints
  • First-class measurement facilities and facilities for the dynamic testing of automotive and aerospace components


  • EPSRC National Facility for Innovative Robotic Systems - this facility gives researchers and commercial partners access to a world-beating suite of technologies including the latest 3D printing technology, a high-precision cutting system that fires a laser beam through a jet of water and “micromanipulators”” for assembling tiny robots.