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Faculty of Engineering

First class Facilities

We have a programme of continued investment in facilities and infrastructure ensuring that our staff, students and our research benefits from state of the art, high quality equipment and laboratories. A selection of these are listed below.


  • Merlin Engineering/FNPT-1 motion flight simulator
  • Frasca FNPT-2 flight simulator
  • Airbus A320 flight simulator
  • Cessna flight simulator
  • Engine laboratory with micro-turbojet and micro-turboprop engines

Civil Engineering

  • Solid state NMR
  • Expertise in SEM and TEM with chemical analysis
  • Fully equipped structural strong floor
  • Thermal analysis combined with evolved gas analysis
  • Supercritical carbon dioxide reaction systems
  • Public health laboratories with separate areas for solid waste, water and wastewater, a class II microbiology lab and clean room.
  • Class II aerobiology chamber
  • Bioaerosol sampling equipment
  • In-house waste respirometers
  • Bench-top tests for fundamental behaviour of materials
  • Soils and testing rigs for full-scale structures built of construction materials
  • Research labs to investigate behaviour of soils in various environments
  • Advanced techniques to study the micro behaviour of cementitious materials
  • Full-scale field monitoring of structures and building services
  • Computational facilities for numerical modelling
  • Access to high-performance computing for intensive analytical work


State-of the-art powerwall displays

  • 53-megapixel display wall with 7x4 monitors
  • Benchtop display (3x4 monitors) with tracking system

Virtual interaction technologies

  • WorldViz PPT optical tracking system
  • Intersense InertiaCube orientation tracker
  • Virtual Research V8 stereo head-mounted display
  • Ascension Flock of Birds tracking systems
  • Twin Immersion Corp Cybergloves

3 DOF and 6 DOF Phantom force feedback devices

SR Research EyeLink II Tracker (binocular, video-based, 500MHz)

Natural language corpora

  • The Corpus of Contemporary Arabic, open-source dataset, has been downloaded by thousands
  • has a collection of web-sourced corpora for all major languages, used for translation studies research

Electronic and Electrical Engineering

  • £4.5m electron-beam lithography facility
  • Two-storey class-100 cleanroom
  • III-V semiconductor Molecular Beam Epitaxy facility to fabricate advanced compound semiconductor optoelectronic devices
  • Well-equipped laboratories for microwave measurements, photonics, and terahertz-frequency spectroscopy and imaging suite of laboratories for molecular nanotechnology and bioelectronics
  • The RF and microwave facilities include a range of network analysers, operating to 325 GHz, wafer probing, RF and microwave circuit laser prototyping, and ceramic circuit fabrication facilities
  • Excellent computing facilities, including a super-computer cluster and state-of-the-art CAD packages
  • A new wireless communications laboratory has recently been constructed and £1.3 million of strategic research infrastructure funding (SRIF) from HEFCE has enabled a complete refurbishment of all the Institute labs
  • Excellent computing facilities, including a super-computer cluster and state-of-the-art CAD packages.

Mechanical Engineering

  • EPSRC National Facility for Innovative Robotic Systems
  • A unique fan assisted bomb for investigating high temperature and pressure combustion
  • Dowson Tribology Laboratory containing tribometers and specialised simulation rigs for the study of lubrication, friction and wear in real systems
  • Bradley Laboratory containing combustion research rigs including optically accessible engines, special combustion vessels, state-of-the-art laser diagnostic techniques and 3D imaging
  • Refurbished erosion and corrosion laboratory with rigs for oil and gas applications and bioengineering systems
  • Extensive mineral scaling research laboratory
  • Surface analysis suite including atomic force microscopy, nanoindentation, mass spectroscopy, X-ray photoelectrono spectroscopy, infrared spectrosocopy and quartz crystal microbalances
  • State-of-the-art optics laboratories developing novel imaging and metrology techniques
  • Microfluids laboratory featuring micro particle image velocimetry, high-speed photography and a range of techniques for fluid mechanics
  • Magnetron laboratory for research into surface coatings
  • Novel joint simulators for studying the wear of artificial joints
  • High power laser manufacturing equipment
  • First-class measurement facilities and facilities for the dynamic testing of automotive and aerospace components
  • Wolfson Foundation Laboratory which is the largest academic facility in the world for the experimental functional simulation of artificial joint replacements
    including pin-on-plate wear and friction testing, six station reciprocator, single station reciprocator, wear and friction simulators for hip and knee joints, spine simulation
  • Pulsatile flow simulation and durability testing
  • Surface and geometrical analysis
  • High resolution MRI and 2xMicro CT Scanner
  • Advanced mechatronics laboratory
  • The University's Charterhouse Rehabilitation Technologies laboratory including motion tracking system to support development of novel restorative rehabilitation technologies
  • Purpose-built Design Systems laboratory including soft metrology facilities and access to experimental software prototypes
  • Design observation suite for audio-visual recordings to study ways in which people interact with technology and new products, including affective evaluation experiments and consumer studies

Process, Environmental and Materials Engineering

Outstanding experimental research facilities including:

  • Advanced Electron Optics for nano-scale materials characterization
  • Preparative facilities for making and characterizing particulate systems for a wide range of technological materials
  • Facilities for advanced environmental monitoring and pollution control
  • Advanced energy systems including fusion cells and a combustion CAP suite
  • Excellent computational facilities with a 64 node Beowulf Parallel computing cluster and high performance graphic workstations for molecular modeling studies