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Scholarships and funding for UK/EU students

Funded PhD Project Studentships
These studentships are attached to a specific research project and normally pay tuition fees and a stipend for living expenses.
Subject area
This studentship is relevant to the following area...
Project title
Enhanced Heat Transfer of Dielectric Liquids in Immersive Cooling Mechanical
Turbulence Dynamics and Flame Propagation in a Spark-ignition Engine Mechanical
Nanoparticulate CaCo3 Formulations for Applications in the Automotive Industry Chemical and Process
Particle Attrition in Circulating Fluidised Bed Reactors Chemical and Process, Mechanical
Analysis of Aldehyde Emissions in Confined Spaces Chemical and Process
Alloy Solidification in Microgravity Chemical and Process
Parametric testing of gait cycle features for the occurrence and severity of edge loading effects in hip replacements Mechanical
Mechanisms of rim damage in total hip replacements Mechanical
Modelling of seed coating by Discrete Elements Method Chemical and Process
Wireless Continuous-Variable Quantum Key Distribution Electronic and Electrical
Novel characterisation of flocculated dispersions using acoustic backscatter systems Chemical and Process
Long-term protection to steel reinforced concrete structures Civil, Mechanical, Chemical
Architectures and protocols aiming to reduce power consumption of ICT networks Electronic and Electrical
Bio-tribo-corrosion of joint replacements - Doctoral Training Partnership Mechanical, Electronic
Assistive Robotic Technologies - Doctoral Training Partnership Mechanical, Electronic, Computing
Modelling of OLED inkjet ink deposition and drying in surface structures Mechanical, Computing

Centres for Doctoral Training
Our Centres for Doctoral Training aim to train tomorrow's leading researchers to address engineering and science related problems for the benefit of society. They offer 4 year funded integrated PhD studentships across a range of subjects.

Doctoral Training Grants/Partnerships
These prestigious awards are made by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).

Awards available within...
Liquid Measurement in Zero Gravity 30 June 2015
Artificial Intelligence; Applied Computing in Biology; Medicine and Health; Computational Science; Distributed Systems and Services; Algorithms and complexity - School of Computing Open until filled
School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering 31 March 2015

Alumni Bursary
If you are a former student of the University of Leeds you may be eligible for a 10% alumni tuition fee bursary.

University Research Scholarships
Up to 18 University Research Scholarships are available for students from the United Kingdom and other EU countries who are commencing PhD study from October 2015. The award will cover academic fees at the University of Leeds standard UK rate of fees and a maintenance grant (£13,863 in Session 2014/15) for full-time study, part-time will be pro-rata. Applicants must hold at least a UK Upper Second Class Honours degree or equivalent undergraduate degree. For more information visit our University Research Scholarships page.
Closing date: 13 March 2015.

University of Leeds
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