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Scholarships and funding for UK/EU students

Funded Project Studentships
These studentships are attached to a specific research project and normally pay tuition fees and a stipend for living expenses.
Subject area
This studentship is relevant to the following area...
Project title
Methodologies for chemical imaging in x-ray and electron microscopes Chemical and Process
Novel encapsulation technologies Chemical and Process
Advanced photonic biosensors and laser materials processing Chemical and Process, Electronic
Flocculated waste suspensions with acoustic backscatter Chemical and Process
Lead-free Piezoelectric Materials in collaboration with AWE plc Chemical and Process. Electronic,
Flowability Assessment of Weakly Consolidated Powders Chemical and Process
Long-term protection to steel reinforced concrete structures Civil, Mechanical, Chemical
SUDS retrofit planning: a scalar approach to site prioritisation Civil
Biofiltration systems for optimized stormwater management in urban areas Civil
Application of computer vision techniques to national infrastructure Civil, Computing, Mechanical
Terahertz science and technology DTP awards Electronic and Electrical
Architectures and protocols aiming to reduce power consumption of ICT networks Electronic and Electrical
Electronic systems for imaging and therapy of cancer Electronic and Electrical, Mechanical
Bio-tribo-corrosion of joint replacements - Doctoral Training Partnership Mechanical, Electronic
Assistive Robotic Technologies - Doctoral Training Partnership Mechanical, Electronic, Computing
Lubricant influence on LSPI (low speed pre-ignition) Mechanical, Chemical
Modelling of OLED inkjet ink deposition and drying in surface structures Mechanical, Computing
Novel wear models for hip replacements Mechanical
Multi-physics model for deposition and coating of fluid onto substrate Mechanical, Computing

Centres for Doctoral Training
Our Centres for Doctoral Training aim to train tomorrow's leading researchers to address engineering and science related problems for the benefit of society. They offer 4 year funded integrated PhD studentships across a range of subjects.

We have 4 Nuclear Fission: Next Generation Nuclear studentships available. Application deadline - 23 January 2015.

Doctoral Training Grants/Partnerships
These prestigious awards are made by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).

Project title
Doctoral Training Partnership - School of Chemical and Process Engineering
Doctoral Training Partnership - School of Computing
Doctoral Training Partnership - Institute of Microwaves and Photonics
Doctoral Training Grant - Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Alumni Bursary
If you are a former student of the University of Leeds you may be eligible for a 10% alumni tuition fee bursary.

University Research Scholarships
Up to 18 University Research Scholarships are available for students from the United Kingdom and other EU countries who are commencing PhD study from October 2015. Each scholarship will cover the cost of academic fees at the University's standard UK/EU rate and provide an annual maintenance grant (amount to be confirmed). Applicants must hold at least a UK Upper Second Class Honours degree or equivalent undergraduate degree. For more information and to apply visit the University's scholarships website.

University of Leeds 110 Anniversary Research Scholarships
Up to one hundred and ten University of Leeds 110 Anniversary Research Scholarships are available for take up in any Faculty at the University of Leeds in October 2015. Awards provide academic fees at the University of Leeds standard UK/EU rate and provide a maintenance grant (£13,863 per annum in session 2014/15) for eligible applicants. For more information and to apply visit the University's scholarships website. Closing date: 18 February 2015.

University of Leeds
The University's postgraduate scholarships website gives you access to a searchable database of all University postgraduate research funding opportunities at Leeds. You can search according to your nationality, subject and by area of study.