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Faculty of Engineering

Alumni Bursary

Postgraduate students

This is a bursary for any former student of the University of Leeds who goes on to study for a postgraduate qualification in the Faculty of Engineering.

Who is eligible?
This bursary is available to former University of Leeds students from the UK/EU and international countries.

How much is it worth?
The University will pay 10% of your fees for each year of the course. If no fees paid (e.g. your fees are covered by a sponsor) then no bursary is awarded.

Application deadline
None. The Leeds Alumni Bursary is an automatic bursary but you have to inform us and provide evidence that you a former student of the University of Leeds. If you think you are eligible you need to contact the relevant admissions team for the course you have applied for.

This bursary excludes courses that are run in conjunction with other universities and cannot be awarded retrospectively.