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New robotics facility taking shape

Thursday 10 April 2014

Dr Rob Richardson with the Djedi RobotThe new £4.3m EPSRC National Facility for Innovative Robotic Systems has taken a giant step closer to its completion, as one of the world’s largest commercial multi material 3D printers arrived earlier this month. The Stratasys objet 1000 is one of only 6 released so far worldwide.

Arriving in the same week were 2 state of the art manufacturing tools: a DMG 5-axis head lathe and a water guided Laser cutter, which incorporates new technology that reduces thermal damage and provides a clean and accurate cut that many other laser cutters would struggle to achieve.

This equipment, along with a whole range of other resources in the facility, will provide researchers and commercial partners with access to a world-leading suite of technologies.

You can find out more about the new facility by visiting the website.

The opening of the new facility, as well as the City’s March of the Robots project, is fast making Leeds the UK’s Robot Capital.

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