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Congratulations to our PhD Graduates

Friday 4 April 2014

University of Leeds GraduationWe would like to extend our congratulations to our latest PhD graduates who have successfully passed their doctoral dissertations and vivas.

We wish them success in their future careers and thank them for the contribution they have made to the faculty and University.

Congratulations to:

Graduate Supervisor Thesis Title
Divyang Kishore Mistry Professor AG Davies On-chip THz studies of low-dimensional semiconductor systems
Thai Nguyen Dr RB Hammond Influence of crystallisation environment on the nucleation and growth of single crystals of (RS)-Ibuprofen
Vassilis Vayianos Professor E Ingham Development of methods for the attachment of soft-tissues to implants
Muhammad Ali Dr DC McLernon Receiver design for multi-carrier transmission systems in the presence of imperfections
Abdulmajid Na'inna Dr HN Phylaktou Effects of obstacle separation distance on gas explosions
Scott Dunkley Dr JL Summers Detonation shock dynamics of type Ia supernovae
Jihad Sayed Dr JL Tipper Self-assembling peptide (SAP) biomimetic scaffolds and hydroxyapatite nanoparticles for skeletal and dental tissue repair
Mingfu Guan Dr PA Sleigh Geomorphic impacts of rapid sediment-laden flows through computational modelling
Zhipeng Lan Dr X Lai The structural role of sodium dithionate impurity in the habit modification of sodium chlorate single crystals
George Okeke Dr SJ Antony Physico-thermal properties of TiO2 nanoparticles using molecular dynamics simulations with relevance to thermal conductance of nanofluids
Ana Popescu Dr AH Kemp Energy efficient geographic routing resilient to location errors
Umair Zafar Professor M Ghadiri Assessing flowability of cohesive powders by ball indentation
Gillian Harrison Dr SP Shepherd New fuels, new rules? Modelling policies for the uptake of low carbon vehicles within an ethical framework with distinction in MSc
Michael Chatzakis Professor DD Mara Biofuel production by different plant species irrigated with pre-treated wastewater
Samuel Fuller Dr DI Stewart Sustainable engineering treatment for highly alkaline chromate contaminated groundwater
Adnan Muhtar Professor JMH Elmirghani Green motorway vehicular networks