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From Leeds to Silicon Valley and back again - The School of Computing welcomes back alumnus Dan Crow

Monday 11 November 2013

Dan Crow in the School of Computing Long RoomThe School of Computing was delighted to have welcomed alumnus Dan Crow, Chief Technology Officer at Songkick and a founding member of the Tech London Advocates group back to deliver a guest lecture and open discussion to staff and students.

Dan graduated from the school in 1989 with a BSc in Computer Science and a PhD in Artificial Intelligence in 1993. During his talk he shared his adventures of working in Silicon Valley, New York and now London’s Silicon Roundabout. He also talked about the people he’s met along the way, including Steve Jobs, Larry Page and Vint Cerf; and the companies he has worked for including Blurb, Songkick, Apple and Google.

This was a fantastic opportunity for our students to gain an insight into where their degrees might take them and the valuable lessons learnt from working in the technology sector.

Dan Crow - My career so far

Biography - Dr Dan Crow
Dr Dan Crow holds a BSc in Computer Science and a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Leeds. After working as a researcher at the Open University, he joined a small startup in Chipping Campden. In 1996 he joined Apple and moved to California. After four years working on QuickTime, HyperCard and the JavaVM he left to join Verb, a San Francisco startup. Over the next six years he went through a series of startups, culminating in co-founding Blurb, the company that lets you publish your own books.

In 2006, Dan moved to New York and joined Google, working on search infrastructure. He ran their crawler team and founded Google Squared, Google’s first semantic search engine and the core of Knowledge Graph. In 2009, he moved to the London office where he led teams working on AdWords and then Android.

In 2010, Dan went back into startups, joining Songkick as CTO. He is a founding member of Tech London Advocates, regularly consults with MPs on entrepreneurship and is an advisor to several startups.

Dan Crow - How my Leeds Degree helped me in my career

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