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Student presents Robotic arm at the Parliament

Mechanical Engineering student Menelaos Kanakis, has presented his final year research project “the Robotic arm”, part of the Project ALAN, at the Posters in Parliament event in London. 

Menelaos is currently developing the robotic arm part as his final year individual project, and he aims to develop a fully functional robotic hand that is integrated within project ALAN, a university-led research project. The robotic hand must mimic the function and grip strength of a stroke patient.

“Being given this great opportunity to present my first research project at the Houses of Parliament. Viewed by MPs, university professors, as well as a diversity of students was certainly both an unforgettable and outstanding experience to gain, especially for someone like myself who is interested in commencing a Research degree.” 

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Mechanical engineering student presented his project “the Robotic arm” at the Posters in Parliament event in London.

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