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Researcher wins prize for glass security technology

A University of Leeds researcher has won a national entrepreneurship prize for his work in developing a new method of counterfeit-proofing glass.

Dr Matthew Murray, a research fellow in the University’s School of Chemical and Process Engineering, will receive the 2015 Royal Academy of Engineering-ERA Foundation Entrepreneurs’ Award, one of the Academy’s most prestigious awards for entrepreneurs.

He is spearheading the commercialisation of a new laser technology that creates patterns of new material in the structure of glass that are impossible to counterfeit.

Because these patterns can carry detailed information, such as where and when a product was manufactured, the technique could play a major role in tackling counterfeit goods in sectors that rely on glass containers, such as pharmaceuticals, alcohol and perfumes.

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Fakes in these industries are not only responsible for massive financial losses but, in some sectors, major health risks.


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