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Energy Research Institute

Environmental Pollution Control, Monitoring and Modelling

Pollution from a chemical plant

Topics of interest include Control of Combustion Generated Pollutants; Gas Turbine Combustion and High Intensity Burners for Ultra-low NOx Combustion; Transport Engine Emissions; Diesel and Lean-burn Engine Research; Analysis, Novel Control Systems, Investigation of Real World Driving Conditions in Congested Cities, Chemical de-NOx, CFD Predictions of NOx and Soot Emissions; Pollutants in the Environment; Atmospheric Multi-scale Pollution Dispersion Models; Urban Meteorology, Topology and Traffic Pollution Dispersion; Aviation and Environment Research; Cabin Environment; Emissions from Aircraft; Future Fuels and Fuel Efficiency; Monitoring, Modelling, Remediation and Mitigation of Environmental Impacts in the Vicinity of Airports.

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