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Energy Research Institute

Applications in Aviation/Aerospace

Aircraft in flight

ERI has a wide range of aviation/aerospace research funded by EPSRC, the EU and corporate sponsors such as Rolls-Royce and QinetiQ. Aviation also forms an important strand of the Centre for Integrated Energy Research (CIER), which has its operational base in ERI. 

Major research themes include:

  • Combustion in Gas Turbine Engines and Enhanced Efficiency
  • Advanced Materials for Aerospace Applications
  • Aviation Fuels, including Alternative Fuels
  • Emissions and their Control
  • Enhancing the Performance of the Civil Aviation System

Academic staff contacts

Professor William Gale: Advanced Materials for Airframes; Propulsion and Space Applications; Airliner Cabin Environment; Protection of Civil Aviation from Chemicals; Biological Terrorism and Epidemics/Pandemics through Sensors and Decontamination Technologies; Interdisciplinary Activities Related to Aviation/Aerospace and the Integration of these into the Larger Energy Picture.

Dr Darron Dixon Hardy: Airport Operations; Airport and Cross-border Security; Air Law; Aircraft Reliability and Maintenance; Aviation Meteorology.

Dr Stephen Wright: Crew Resource Management (CRM); Human Factors and Performance Limitations; Safety Management Systems; Aircraft Systems; Aircraft Maintenance.

Professor Gordon Andrews: Combustion in Gas Turbine Engines; Emissions; Conventional and Alternative Aviation Fuels; Mitigation of Fire and Explosion Hazards.

Professor Alison Tomlin: Modelling and the Experimental Measurement of Emissions; Modelling of Combustion Kinetics.

Dr Hu Li: Aviation Emissions; Biofuels for Aviation Applications.