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Energy Research Institute

Advanced Combustion Science and Engineering

PhD student conducting lab experiments

Advanced Combustion Science and Engineering research incorporates:

  • Combustion, Flames, Fire and Explosion
    Topics of interest include Studies of Fundamental Chemical and Physical Processes in Flames; Interaction of Acoustics and Flames; Ignition of Hazardous Materials, Combustible Fluids and Vapours, Hot Spot Ignition; Dust, Gas and Vapour Explosions, Explosion Venting and Suppression; Pressure Wave Generation and Interaction with Flames; Hazards and Spontaneous Ignition of Fuels; Fire Research into Toxic Hazards, Fire Retardants and Ignition Phenomena; Theoretical and Computational Modelling.

  • Advanced Energy Engineering
    Topics of interest include Low NOx and High Efficiency Gas Turbine Combustion; Combustion Modelling; Coal and Biomass Combustion in Bubbling and Circulating Fluidised Beds; Combustion of Sprays of Fuel Oils and Alternative Liquid Fuels; Furnace Systems and CFD Modelling; Heat Transfer in Furnaces, Gas Turbine Combustor Wall Cooling; Compact Heat Exchangers; Flame Radiation; Corrosion Phenomena in Combustion and Gasification Systems; Oxy-fuel Combustion; Theoretical and Computational Modelling.