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Energy Research Institute

Sample Preparation

Our analytical capabilities are paired with state-of-the-art sample preparation facilities:

Our Dionex ASE 350 allows automated solvent extractions. ASE is a faster, simpler and less solvent intensive alternative to classical SOXHLET extractions, and often gives better recovery of analytes. When coupled with the Rocket evaporator, sample preparation for techniques such as GC/MS is considerably less time- and labour-intensive than was previously possible.

Accelerated Solvent Extractor

Automated Solvent Evaporation

The Genevac Rocket allows up to 18 samples to be concentrated at once. Samples can be concentrated down from an ASE extraction vial directly into a GC auto-sampler vial, giving improved speed and sample recovery. Larger volumes can be concentrated down for other analytical techniques. For samples that are not suitable for the Rocket, we have classical rotary evaporation and blow-down techniques.

Microwave Digester/Reactor

Automated acid digestions can be performed using our Anton Parr Multiwave 3000 to create solutions for ICP/MS analysis. Note that we cannot use HF with the current instrument set-up.