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The Energy Research Institute (ERI), is a world-class centre of excellence helping to create a cleaner, greener sustainable future.

Our vision is "To be recognised for internationally leading research in the sustainable development of natural resources, the sustainable use of fossil fuels and the development of renewable and future fuels".

Our activity ranges from conventional and novel combustion processes, pollution monitoring and refinement, to developing biomass and hydrogen resources and processes for use in tomorrow's technologies.

International academic collaborations include the many EU collaborative research projects within the institute, involving leading research establishments across Europe. There are additional, active worldwide research collaborations, and in addition, we have formal collaborative agreements with several local government partners and Transport for London, informing strategic planning and policy related to the environmental impacts of energy at both the local and national level.

We lead an EPSRC-funded Doctoral Training Centre (DTC) in Low Carbon Technologies, which brings together a cohort of postgraduate research students and their supervisors to develop innovative technologies for a low carbon future based around key interlinking themes: Low Carbon Enabling Technologies, Transport and Energy, CO2 Storage, Climate Change and Energy Systems Research.

We believe that the 'cleaner, greener future' is both an admirable and achievable aim; we know that our research is helping in the achievement of that global vision.

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Academic working on a reactor

ERI offers a wide range of first-class facilities

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News and Events

Vignis research plantation (L-R): Patrick Mason (UoL), Prof Sizou Matsuoka (Vignis), Heller Barosso (EBX) and Gunnar Gonzalez (EBX)

Student Visits Brazil for Research Collaborations

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