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Institute for Public Health and Environmental Engineering

Aerobiology and infection control

Aerobiology and Infection Control links microbiologists, engineers and mathematical modellers to evaluate indoor air quality, bioaerosols in indoor environments and engineering measures to control infection. In recent years we have successfully gained over £2m funding with contracts from EPSRC, CDC (US), Department of Health and industry.

Successful control of infection involves breaking the chain of transmission; it is necessary to understand the mode of transmission, the nature of the pathogen and its behaviour in the environment. This complex interaction between people, pathogens and the built environment is at the heart of our research with our key interests including:

  • Airborne infection risk
  • Transmission and control of hospital acquired infection
  • Design of the healthcare environment
  • Air disinfection technologies including UV devices and ionisers
  • Indoor air quality
  • Ventilation and thermal comfort

Our research expertise includes mathematical modelling techniques applied to transmission of disease and building airflow simulation, laboratory based studies on pathogen survival and air disinfection techniques and hospital based studies relating pathogen presence to the environment and activities. We also have a great deal of experience undertaking commercial research including testing microbial air cleaning devices in a room scale environment. Our multi-discipline approach brings together investigators from a variety of backgrounds and we have established strong links with a range of external collaborators including academics, industry and clinicians and estates engineers in the NHS.

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