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School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering

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Charlie WincklerCharlie Winckler
MEng Electronic Engineering

"The number and variety of projects that you undertake gives you a lot to talk about at technical interviews. You can make some really interesting projects on the course, which people always find interesting."

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Faith BatemanFaith Bateman
MEng Electronic & Electrical Engineering

"The university has strong links with industry and thanks to this I obtained a summer placement with Ultra Electronics in London after my 2nd year. This experience gave me a taste of what a career in engineering would be like."

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Tommy YipTommy Yip
MEng Mechatronics and Robotics

"My placement year was a great experience for me, it gave me a taste of the working environment in a global company and helped me understand the importance of team-work."

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Helena BisbyHelena Bisby
BSc Music, Multimedia and Electronics

"I feel that this degree has equipped me with the knowledge and skills to pursue a number of different career paths, from work in the music industry to electronic engineering."

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James YorkeJames Yorke
MEng Electronic and Electrical Engineering

"There are not many other courses you can study at university that really broaden your horizons after graduation, but this is one of them. Your career path is absolutely not limited!"

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Nesma Al-ShaikhlyNesma Al-Shaikhly
BEng Electronics and Nanotechnology

"The best part of my course is that you get to be taught by real leaders in their field. We get access to state-of-the-art equipment and have a large computer cluster, where each computer has an oscilloscope and signal generator".

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James HarttJames Hartt
BEng Electronic and Electrical Engineering

"Without the iOS modules and taking my third year project in Apple technology I simply wouldn't be where I am today. Having the freedom at Uni is where my foundation was built and I've been able to expand pretty quickly thereafter."

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Oliver PeelOliver Peel
MEng Electronic Engineering

"There have been many highlights throughout my degree but one of the most exciting things was my third year group project. My team designed a high-tech 3D persistence of vision globe which made it onto the discovery channel!"

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Jim SykesJim Sykes
MEng Mechatronics and Robotics

"As I’ve progressed through University, I’ve become increasingly aware of the sense of community among staff and students in Engineering, which creates a really great working atmosphere."

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