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School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Student and Alumni profiles

Charlie WincklerCharlie Winckler
MEng Electronic Engineering

"The number and variety of projects that you undertake gives you a lot to talk about at technical interviews. You can make some really interesting projects on the course, which people always find interesting."

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Calum Boustead Calum Boustead
BEng Electronic and Computer Engineering

"Being able to take the skills obtained from different modules and implement them on projects is very rewarding, particularly when group work allows me the opportunity to discuss idea with like-minded students."

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James YorkeJames Yorke
MEng Electronic and Electrical Engineering

"There are not many other courses you can study at university that really broaden your horizons after graduation, but this is one of them. Your career path is absolutely not limited!"

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Jien Wei ChenJian Wei Chen
MEng Electronic and Electrical Engineering

"I chose the University of Leeds because it is ranked in the top 5 for electronic and electrical in the UK and for the university’s renowned reputation of research quality."

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Arturs GrigalsArturs Grigals
MEng Mechatronics and Robotics

"After I finish my degree I want to work on humanoid and general robotics research. I feel that Leeds has provided me with the skills I need to be able to tackle new challenges."

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Helena BisbyHelena Bisby
BSc Music, Multimedia and Electronics

"I feel that this degree has equipped me with the knowledge and skills to pursue a number of different career paths, from work in the music industry to electronic engineering."

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Oliver PeelOliver Peel
MEng Electronic Engineering

"There have been many highlights throughout my degree but one of the most exciting things was my third year group project. My team designed a high-tech 3D persistence of vision globe which made it onto the discovery channel!"

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All our degrees allow you to undertake a placement year as part of your degree. On successfully completing your placement, you will be awarded the ‘industrial’ variant in your degree title to demonstrate your unique expertise to future employers.

Mazvydas-NarvidasWojciech Marcinek
MEng Mechatronics and Robotics (Industrial)
Industrial placement year at Pace PLC

"I recommend taking a year in industry to everybody. It is a valuable lesson of life and work, which makes one appreciate the time left at university afterwards."

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Mazvydas-NarvidasMazvydas Mark Narvidas
MEng Mechatronics and Robotics (Industrial)
Industrial placement year at National Instruments

"I really enjoyed the versatility of the job. Besides being able to travel and teach training courses and seminars, I also had the chance to work on two separate projects."

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Francis-RobsonFrancis Robson
BSc Music, Multimedia and Electronics (Industrial)
Industrial placement year at WW Records

"One minute I'd be doing press for an upcoming release, the next I'd be setting up DJ equipment in a basement in East London or a concert at Steinway Hall."

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Naim Mohammed thumbnailNaim Mohammed
MEng Electronic and Electrical Engineering (Industrial)
Industrial placement year at Jaguar Land Rover

"I can safely say that I got what I hoped for from this experience. Additionally, I feel like I have gained some good contacts, which is something I didn't expect."

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Tommy YipTommy Yip
MEng Mechatronics and Robotics (Industrial)

Industrial placement year at Arup

"My placement year was a great experience for me, it gave me a taste of the working environment in a global company and helped me understand the importance of team-work."

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William CoventryWilliam Coventry
MEng Electronics and Nanotechnology (Industrial)
Industrial placement year at CERN

“My industrial placement was at CERN, home of the Large Hadron Collider. I have been working in the Beams Department of the Beam Instrumentation Group."

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Stephen Agyeman-KumaStephen Agyeman-Kuma
BEng Electronic and Electrical Engineering (Industrial)
Industrial placement year at Siemens Rail-IT

“I was involved in the design stage for the £36 million Crossrail control and monitoring system assisting other engineers in producing the system architecture drawings."

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Thomas MorrisThomas Morris
BSc Music, Multimedia and Electronics (Industrial)
Industrial placement year at Dolby

“I was keen to take a year in industry because I wanted the chance to experience what it is that professionals in the audio industry have to deal with on a daily basis."

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We aim to maintain strong links with our alumni and encourage all our former students to stay involved with the School. The main way to stay in touch is through Leeds alumni online, which has 30,000 members and counting.

utkarsh-ranaUtkarsh Rana
MEng Electronic Engineering (Industrial)
Director at Bumpin Ltd

"The main reason I spent a year in industry was to understand the way things work in a company and to gain some hands-on experience."

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michael-guessMichael Guess
BEng Electronic and Communications Engineering

RF Filter Specialist at Radio Design

"The research-driven course material provided me with both the ability and confidence necessary to thrive in a demanding role."

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michael-cooksonMichael Cookson
MEng Electronic Engineering

Hardware Services Expert at Radio Design

"I've worked at Radio Design for over four years, during which I've been promoted twice, travelled internationally and made key contributions to numerous major projects."

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Faith BatemanFaith Bateman
MEng Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Undertaking a PhD

"The university has strong links with industry and thanks to this I obtained a summer placement with Ultra Electronics in London. "

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James HarttJames Hartt
BEng Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Senior Contract iOS Developer at Betfair

"Without the iOS modules and taking my third year project in Apple technology I simply wouldn't be where I am today."

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Jim SykesJim Sykes
MEng Mechatronics and Robotics

Instrumentation Engineer at MicroLab Devices Ltd

"The sense of community among staff and students in Engineering creates a really great working atmosphere."

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