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School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Our facilities

You will have access to specialist facilities and laboratories that are equipped with the latest technology including:

  • £4.5m electron-beam lithography facility capable of sub-10-nm patterning
  • III-V semiconductor Molecular Beam Epitaxy facility to fabricate advanced compound semiconductor optoelectronic devices
  • A class 100 semiconductor cleanroom
  • New terahertz measurement research laboratory which features the Agilent 1.1-THz PNA network analyzer
  • Terahertz photonics laboratories
  • RF and microwave facilities include a range of network analysers, operating to 325 GHz, wafer probing, RF and microwave circuit laser prototyping, and ceramic circuit fabrication facilities
  • Bio-electronics laboratory
  • EPSRC National Facility for Innovative Robotic Systems - this facility gives researchers and commercial partners access to a world-beating suite of technologies including the latest 3D printing technology, a high-precision cutting system that fires a laser beam through a jet of water and “micromanipulators”” for assembling tiny robots.
  • A wireless communications laboratory
  • Traffic generators and analysers, FPGA development tools, sensor network test beds and motorway-deployed test-beds
  • Ultrasound laboratory fitted with state-of-the-art equipment for ultrasound development and testing of biomedical applications.
  • Agilent Technologies Wireless Communications Laboratory
  • An embedded systems laboratory equipped with the latest embedded system development tools sponsored by Farnell

Our School is purpose-built, self-contained, and offers a pleasant and friendly environment for study, with central University facilities just a few minutes walk away.

Electron-beam lithography facility

Electronic and Electrical Engineering Research - Facilities - Electron Bean Lithography Facility