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Design Synthesis and Shape Generation

This is a collaborative project spanning four disciplines: architecture, art and design, engineering and computing. The project will result in a common reference framework to inform the definition of future generations of computer aided design systems. The definition of design styles through shape grammars and, if successful, the computation of shapes that conform to a given style, will provide a concrete basis to stimulate new ways of design thinking and provide mechanisms to enable exploration of the consequences of these new ways of thinking. The proposed work is internationally significant for two reasons.

1) If successful, the project will result in the world’s first 3D shape grammar-based design system that can compute curvilinear shapes early in a design activity.

2) The work will result in a software prototype that can be used to demonstrate how future generations of computer aided design systems might augment the activity of designing.

The Design Synthesis and Shape Generation project is one of twenty Phase 2 projects in the AHRC/EPSRC Designing for the 21 st Century initiative.

Last update Sept 08

Department of Architecture
University of Strathclyde


Faculty of Engineering
University of Leeds

Department of Design
and Innovation
The Open University
Milton Keynes