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School of Computing

Student and Alumni profiles

Adnan MahmoodAdnan Mahmood
BSc Computer Science

"Leeds has helped me to develop as a knowledgeable, skilful and confident individual – all vital aspects for a successful career."

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Hannah HenryHannah Henry
BSc Computer Science

"Everything about the University of Leeds made me feel comfortable. When I first came onto campus there was a huge buzz and lots of energy, and that's something that continues all year round"

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Tim Kormornick Tim Kormornick
BSc Information Technology

"The School of Computing courses were right up-to-date and clearly relevant to business. Not only did they cover technical topics but more business-oriented subjects such as strategy."

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Colin NeedhamColin Needham
Computer Science Alumni and Founder of IMDb

"I felt well prepared for a career in industry as a result of the course. I learnt so much on my course, I made great friends and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole University experience. For me it was the perfect blend of everything."

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Dan CrowDan Crow
BSc Computer Science and PhD Artificial Intelligence

"I still use the computer science I learned at Leeds everyday - from algorithms and data structures, to the information retrieval techniques I worked on in my PhD. It was an essential grounding for my career."

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Andrew CampbellAndrew Campbell
BSc Computer Science

"There is no doubt that if I had not come to Leeds I would not have been able to work at IBM on placement and I would not be able to apply for the companies that I am doing now."

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John HitchonJohn Hitchon
BSc Computing for Business (Industrial)

"The depth of knowledge that the lecturers possess and communicate via their lecturers is first class. Also, when I needed help with any coursework they were always willing to provide assistance!"

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