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School of Computing

Student and Alumni profiles

Hannah HenryHannah Henry
BSc Computer Science

"Everything about the University of Leeds made me feel comfortable. When I first came onto campus there was a huge buzz and lots of energy, and that's something that continues all year round."

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Andrew CampbellAndrew Campbell
BSc Computer Science

"There is no doubt that if I had not come to Leeds I would not have been able to work at IBM on placement and I would not be able to apply for the companies that I am doing now."

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We aim to maintain strong links with our alumni and encourage all our former students to stay involved with the School. The main way to stay in touch is through Leeds alumni online, which has 32,000 members and counting.

Adnan MahmoodAdnan Mahmood
BSc Computer Science

"The reputation of the School of Computing and its strong network connections to employers were the major attractions that initially drew me to the University of Leeds."

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Colin NeedhamColin Needham
BSc Computer Science

"I remember I felt well prepared for a career in industry as a result of the course. I learnt so much on my course, I made great friends and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole University experience."

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Abigail BairstowAbigail Bairstow
BSc Information Technology

"The best aspect has to be the lecturers. Each lecturer we had for different modules were passionate and enthusiastic about the module they were teaching which helped interest students as it made it more interactive."

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Tim KormornickTim Kormornick
BSc Information Technology

"Leeds offers many opportunities for student employment in university-related institutes, spin-outs and other enterprises, which is perfect for building up your employability."

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Dan CrowDan Crow
BSc Computer Science

"I completed my degree in Computer Science and PhD in Artificial Intelligence at Leeds in the early 90s. I moved to Silicon Valley, first working for Apple, then at a series of startups, culminating in co-founding Blurb."

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Catherine LumbCatherine Lumb
BSc Information Technology

" During my time at Leeds I was part of the Computer Society (CompSoc). Being a member of this society involved taking part in both social and computing events such as Otley runs and coding events/competitions."

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Donald WhyteDonald Whyte
BSc Computer Science

"I'm working as a software developer for Bloomberg, a technology company that develops core financial software used by all the major investment banks."

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Anthony LaytonAnthony Layton
BSc Computer Science

"I have been able to land a graduate job with BT down in Ipswich, as a software engineer. I am yet to start, so I don’t really know what the job involves yet, but I am excited to get started and move to a new part of the UK."

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Emma Higgs Emma Higgs

BSc Computer Science

"I first decided to look at the University of Leeds as a potential university to study at due to it being a Russell Group university. This meant that the teaching and research would be at a very high level."

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Thomas CollettThomas Collett
BSc Computer Science

"Computer Scientists have opportunities to work in almost any industry, and the University of Leeds Computer Science degree provides everything you need to succeed."

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Sean HoldenSean Holden
BSc Information Technology

"Unless you already have experience in the field, do the year in industry. It may seem like a long time, but it is a fantastic experience, both in terms of work and social."

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John HitchonJohn Hitchon
BSc Computing for Business (Industrial)

"I loved the fun, vibrant atmosphere of the city and university; there is something for everyone, but still on a scale that feels personal."

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