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Yorkshire Computing Network

The computing/IT industry is growing strongly in our region, and so the School of Computing has launched a new computing professionals network (The Yorkshire Computing Network; YCN) to provide a meeting place, and broaden the channels of knowledge transfer between the University and industry/public sector organisations to everyone's mutual benefit.

Please join the Yorkshire Computing Network group on LinkedIn to keep up to date with our announcements and upcoming events.

With your help, we will build this network across a wide range of sectors in which computer science and information technology are prominent, including Entertainment, Finance, Government, Health, Marketing, Defence, Telecommunications, Transport, Retail, Utilities, Consultancy/Software Development, Data Analytics, and embedded systems.

We currently collaborate with organisations from a wide range of sectors. Examples include a large number of utilities companies (Artificial Intelligence research), the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust (Applied Computing in Biology, Medicine and Health), the transport scheduling company Tracsis (Algorithms and Complexity), Google, Rolls Royce, and Jaguar Land Rover (Distributed Systems and Services), and Microsoft, and Proctor and Gamble (Computational Science and Engineering).

The Yorkshire Computing Network is part of the School of Computing's Industry Engagement Plan, and was created in conjunction with the University's Digital Technologies Sector Hub. Feel free to contact Dr Roy Ruddle, Director of Research & Innovation, with suggestions for meeting themes, discussion topics or questions about the network and upcoming events.

Previous YCN Events

Wed 25th June 2014. The Inaugural meeting took place at University House on the Leeds University campus. At the meeting the challenges and opportunities facing Yorkshire's computing industry were discussed, and delegates heard about a knowledge transfer success story from James Holmes (Blueclaw), data centres and big data analytics from Adam Beaumont (AQL) and Kevin Bowman (SkyBet), and the Internet of Things from Graham Whaley (Imagination Technologies).

Mon 22 Sept 2014. Presentations included: Big Decisions, Big Data (Gordon Cullum, Enterprise Architect, Mastek), Computing at Scale (Jie Xu, Professor of Computing, University of Leeds), Audiovisual Localisation in the Cloud (Stuart Green, CEO, ZOO Digital), and What can Open Data do for you! (Keynote by Mark Barratt, Open Data Lead, Leeds Data Mill).

Mon 2nd Mar 2015. Presentations included: Keynote by Andrew Stewart, Managing Director, Red Embedded Consulting, Connectivity for Business a National Issue (John Duncan, Business Development Officer, Super Connected Cities, Leeds City Council) and Software for Science: Challenges in Usability, Performance and Disparate Data (Matthew Wright, Chief Technical Officer, Lhasa Limited).

With your help, we will build this network across a wide range of sectors.


Upcoming Events

  • The next YCN meeting is on Wed 21st Oct 2015 and focuses on the Internet of Everything.
    The meeting schedule is: 16:00 Registration, drinks and refreshments, 16:10 Introduction and keynote talks (Ian Jones, Smart Cities Solutions Architect with Leeds City Council; John Berthels & Nick Gregory, Cocoon), 17:20 Short talks (5 minutes each; including an opportunity for you to enthuse the audience about your work), and 18:00 Networking over drinks & refreshments. The meeting closes at 19:00.
    Other presentations etc. include Instrumentel, Imagination Technologies, Adapt, Intel, and Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.
    The venue is the University of Leeds campus (room details and map). Register via Eventbrite or by contacting Roy Ruddle.