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School of Computing

Institute for Computational and Systems Science

In the Institute for Computational and Systems Science (I-CSS) we are developing fundamental principles and practical methods for problems that are computationally challenging and/or require unusual kinds of computing resource.

Our work spans fundamental work on algorithms and their complexity, high-performance numerical methods in scientific computing, architectures for highly distributed fault-tolerant grid computing, web technologies for collaborative computing, and interface and programming technologies for visual computing. Our research builds on our international reputation in this field, and our collaborations with industrial partners including Shell, BAE Systems, and NAG.

Our current research activities are organised in the following themes:

  • Algorithms and Complexity
    Graph theory, combinatorics and optimisation, computational complexity, logic and proof complexity, and optimisation in transport scheduling.
  • Distributed Systems and Services
    Physical and human factors of distributed systems, and applying this systems engineering knowledge in the aerospace, automotive, data centre and other domains.
  • Computational Science and Engineering
    Numerical algorithms for the computational solution of partial differential equations (PDEs), parallel computing, Big Data in scientific and information visualization, and navigation in virtual reality.


A Case Study - Distributed Aircraft Maintenance Environment

We are developing a grid framework to support distributed diagnostics and prognostics for predictive maintenance of aero engines...


School of Computing - Facilities - Powerwall

We have a wide range of facilities to support our research.

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Research degrees

Artificial Intelligence and Biological Systems Research

We are actively seeking PhD research students to work on key projects.

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