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Distributed Aircraft Maintenance Environment (DAME)

Distributed aircarft maintenance environment research  project - School of ComputingWhat is DAME?
DAME started in 2002 and consists of a number of key technologies brought
together within a Grid framework to support Distributed Diagnostics and Prognostics. So far the application domain has been fleet wide predictive maintenance of Rolls-Royce (RR) Aero Engines.

The DAME project has been recognised as an internationally leading project within UK e-Science, featured in many international talks and highlighted by Tony Hey, e-Science envoy, as well as talks by Rolls-Royce and Sun Microsystems. The project has made valuable impact on the collaborating companies business, for example, to Rolls-Royce and Data Systems and Solutions (DS&S). DS&S and Cybula Ltd have started marketing the tools and methods developed within the Project.

Underpinning Research
The main research themes consisted of: Requirements capture, and the impact of Grid distribution on architecture, security and dependability; Improved feature detectors for vibration and performance data analysis from systems such as RR Aero engines; Grid enabled Case Base Reasoning (CBR) and workflow advisors; Middleware Quality of Service (QoS), including resource brokerage and Service Level Agreements; Grid enabled high performance, high volume, distributed pattern matching.

Leeds contributed developed a number of key technologies: (a) Decision support systems for prognosis and diagnosis application based upon Work-flow capture and provenance mechanisms; (b) Distributed Engine Modelling capability for multiple scenario investigation; (c) Intelligent infrastructure for DAME, including security, dependability, workflows and resource management; (d) DAME Service level Agreements (deployed within a Service Orientated Architecture) to support contractual obligations of service providers; (e) Developing and exploiting first of kind DAME demonstrators applying state of the art portal technologies.

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