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School of Chemical and Process Engineering

Why study Chemical Engineering?

Modern society relies heavily on chemical engineering. Chemical and process engineers create and develop processes to make the products that modern society depends on – food and drinks, metals, ceramics, chemicals, cement, fuels, pharmaceuticals, paper, plastics, cosmetics and toiletries.

Chemical and process engineers help to manage natural resources, protect the environment, control health and safety procedures, and recycle materials, while developing and managing the processes which make the spectrum of products we use.

Chemical Engineering is all about changing raw materials by altering the chemical, biochemical or physical state of a substance to create everything from face creams to fuels, metals to paper, and plastics to synthetic fibres. These products are in every shop, office and home, and many of the companies which manufacture them are household names. The wide range of products and companies means a whole host of employment options and locations, so if you want an interesting, satisfying and highly rewarding career study Chemical Engineering.

We offer a choice of courses which highlights our wide spread research activities in the areas of chemical engineering, energy engineering, materials processing, pharmaceuticals, personal products and nuclear engineering.

Chemical engineering student

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