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Learning & assessment - Undergraduate degrees - School of Process, Environmental and Materials Engineering

Our ground breaking research feeds directly into teaching, you will be taught by academics in an environment where knowledge is created. Through our research and funding it attracts, we are able to invest in world-class facilities and staff who enthuse and inspire you.

You will benefit from our integrated style of learning and teaching. The courses are modular and are structured around lectures, tutorials, seminars, laboratory work, and both individual and group projects which allow you to gain hands-on experience of investigating and applying material from your lectures and tutorials in a real world context.

Professional responsibility and ethical practice will be important aspects of your career. Throughout these degrees, your scientific training in nanotechnology is supplemented by a study of the social, environmental and ethical questions associated with the field.

You will be assessed through a combination of written examinations held at the end of each  semester, and coursework in the form of projects, reports, presentations and posters.

We have an excellent student support team who are here to help you to integrate quickly and settle down easily into university life. Student support teams are located close to where you work and study, ensuring personalised and direct contact. You will also have regular one-to-one time with your personal tutor.

You will be assessed via a number of different methods.


For many students, project work is the most challenging, satisfying and memorable part of their degree. Projects are an excellent opportunity to explore and develop essential skills such as problem solving, communication skills, teamwork, and time management, all vital to succeed in industry, as well as giving you the opportunity to demonstrate your imagination and flair.

In your final year, you will have the chance to pursue some of your particular interests in greater depth through your nanotechnology practical project. The project runs throughout the final year and we are able to offer a wide choice of topics for study based in nanotechnology-related research laboratories across the campus.

Many projects have a direct link with nanotechnology industry, which may give you the opportunity to visit the company involved. There may also be an opportunity for further study via a research degree funded in collaboration with industry.