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School of Chemical and Process Engineering

Our facilities

  • Advanced Electron Optics for nano-scale materials characterization
  • Preparative facilities for making and characterizing particulate systems for a wide range of technological materials
  • Facilities for advance fuel characterization
  • Pilot scale combustion systems
  • Facilities for advanced environmental monitoring and pollution control
  • Advanced energy systems including fusion cells and a combustion CAP suite
  • The energy building, which contains a suite of advanced laboratories including a laser diagnostics laboratory, an engine testing fuel evaluation and transport emissions suite, and pilot scale wave power, fuel cell, gas turbine power station, wind, and solar laboratories and rigs.
  • Excellent computational facilities with a 64 node Beowulf Parallel computing cluster and high performance graphic workstations for molecular modelling studies.
  • To support our aviation students we have the following facilities:
    •Merlin Engineering/FNPT-1 motion flight simulator
    •Frasca FNPT-2 flight simulator
    •Airbus A320 flight simulator
    •Cessna flight simulator
    •Engine laboratory with micro-turbojet and micro-turboprop engines

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