Centre for Computational Fluid Dynamics



The CFD web site is no longer maintained. Information may be out of date and links may be broken.

Research Themes

All Fellows will be encouraged to develop a specific theme for their research before arrival at the site and in collaboration with their supervisors.  New research themes arise dynamically, examples of general subjects and themes of research include:
  • Fuel Cell related research.
  • Theoretical and experimental fluid dynamics (Applied Mathematics, Chemistry, Environment, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Industry)
  • Compressible flow and combustion (Environment, Energy and Resources, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Finite differences and programming (Applied Mathematics, Environment)
  • Visualisation and flow diagnostics (Computing, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Laminar and turbulent flows (Environment, Mechanical Engineering, Industry)
  • Finite and boundary elements (Applied Mathematics, Environment, Fuel and Energy, Industry)
  • Commercial CFD software (Fuel and Energy, Geography, Industry, CFD Software Developers)
  • Parallel computing (Computing)
  • Atmospheric dispersion (Environment)
  • Atmospheric sampling (Applied Mathematics and Industry)
  • Advanced flames (Fuel and Energy and Industry)
  • Two-phase flow (Applied Mathematics, Chemical Engineering, Industry)
  • Advanced heat transfer (Applied Mathematics, Chemical Engineering, Industry)
  • Combustion in engines (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Pressure Waves and Premixed Flames (Energy and Resources Research Institute, Applied Mathematics)
  • Ignition of fluids and solids (Energy and Resources Research Institute, Applied Mathematics)

However, there is flexibility throughout the programme as to the exact choice of subject as this will relate to recent advances within these areas and the research interests of the Fellow.