Centre for Computational Fluid Dynamics



The CFD web site is no longer maintained. Information may be out of date and links may be broken.


The mission of the Centre for CFD is to conduct academic research in CFD in engineering and environment and computing practice, and to bring the emergent, cutting-edge simulation capability to focus in assisting industry to do a better job of environmental, engineering and medical design optimisation. All the Marie Curie Fellows, MSc and PhD students and research fellows in the Centre for CFD, plus participating industrial scientists and engineers, conduct leading-edge research into the fundamentals and applications of CFD in this world-class environment and thus promote rapid conversion of theory into practice. A simulation of computer-based software systems, using high performance computing has the potential to supplant the concept and practice of isolated commercial code installations, with their use restrictions, costs, upkeep and legacy numerical methods.

As a broker of new and innovative technologies, the CFD Centre’s academic members perform technology surveys and reviews. One-on-one technical assistance ensures the successful transition of new technologies to the public and private sectors. The CFD Centre also conducts, hosts and supports training, technical conferences and workshops designed to transfer new and innovative ideas in CFD engineering and environment, and high performance computing concepts and applications across industry, including small, medium and large sized enterprises. Members of the CFD Centre also furnish technical assistance to the shared resource centre staff to ensure the successful transition of new technologies to operating and programming environments. All of the Marie Curie Fellows attached to the CFD Centre will partake in this innovative research and most of them will be involved in assisting in the transfer of knowledge to industry and the environment.

Training at the University of Leeds CFD Centre, will be implemented by in-house specialised courses and through newly developed state-of-the art distance learning package. All these facilities will play a huge part in the continued training of the Marie Curie Fellows, not only when they are in Leeds but also when they have left. Even with the above retraining that is undertaken at Leeds, there is still a large number of very able and knowledgeable recruits required over a vast range of industries, in the environment, software development, etc. In order to satisfy this demand, the training in Leeds under this Marie Curie EST scheme will put these Fellows in an ideal position to be employed in the UK, EU and internationally, and because of the rapid expansion in the employment of CFD experts then they are ideally placed for rapid promotion within their own institution and, for sure, they will be subject to ‘head-hunting’.