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Research PhD degrees

The degrees of MPhil and PhD are research degrees, awarded after study in the Centre for a minimum period of two or three years respectively. A research student is normally registered initially as a provisional Ph.D. student. If progress is satisfactory, their registration for the PhD will be confirmed at the beginning of the second year. Each student has their research directed by one or more members of staff appointed as supervisor(s).

Admissions are co-ordinated by the Director of the Centre for CFD and decisions on admission are made by him and a potential supervisor (if one has been identified), on the basis of suitability, references and financial guarantees.

The Role of Postgraduates in the Department

We like to think that research in the Centre for CFD at Leeds is a highly stimulating experience. The friendly and informal atmosphere encourages free discussion of problems between all categories of research workers, from senior academic staff to post-doctoral fellows and research students.

The most important person in a student's academic life is his or her supervisor, who advises on the student's research and also deals with any problems that may arise. A supervisor is normally arranged at the time of acceptance of the student. For certain overseas students this is not always possible, but a supervisor is always allocated shortly after arrival. A research student should meet with his or her supervisor on a regular basis. All students are supervised by members of staff in departments associated with the CFD Centre. During the early stages of the student's research these meetings are normally about once a week, often becoming less frequent as the student becomes more independent.

The Centre operates a formal system of annual reports and interviews. Besides their supervisor, each research student is allocated an assessor from among the academic staff of the Centre. Towards the end of both the first and second years, each student writes a short report on his or her research project; copies of the report go to the assessor, the supervisor and the Centre's files. The student then has a meeting with the assessor to discuss the report and to review the student's progress.

The University of Leeds is one of the largest centres for research degree study in the United Kingdom. It is able to provide a wide range of training and support services. These include:

  • a short course on starting your Ph.D.
  • courses on thesis writing and presentation skills
  • courses on various aspects of teaching (postgraduates have the opportunity to help with the marking of undergraduate work and to participate in examples classes)
Computing Resources in the Centre for CFD

The computing equipment available to staff and students is provided both from the Centre's resources and as part of the general university provision. It is University policy to distribute hardware throughout the campus rather than centralise it, and this, as well as networking across the university site, means that there is ready access to the large range of computing equipment.

International Students

The Centre is enthusiastic about fostering contacts with other countries, and members of staff visit all parts of the world in connection with research and teaching. 

The Centre welcomes international students and for those students without their own source of funding there are a limited number of postgraduate scholarships offered by the University for well-qualified students. In addition, the UK Government provides ORS awards which make up the difference between the cost of fees for an international student and a home student (maintenance costs must be found from other sources).