Bogdan Wójtowicz

Marie Curie EST Research Fellow

Centre for Computational Fluid Dynamics

University of Leeds

United Kingdom



Room 3.14, SPEME, Houldsworth Building

University of Leeds, LS2 9JT, Leeds, UK

Office: +44 (0) 113 343 3824, Mobile: +44 7895410383

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My research may be divided into the three parts, first is the development of the universal, efficient and reliable optimisation code based on the genetic algorithm, which can be applied for various engineering problems. The optimisation algorithm is used in the software for performing the reduction of the chemical reaction mechanisms and subsequently for the optimisation of their kinetic parameters. The development of this software constitutes the second part of the project. Finally these software tools are used to produce a set of highly reduced reaction mechanisms.








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Cracow University of Technology

(Faculty of Mechanical Engineering)

AGH University of Science and Technology

(former University of Mining and Metallurgy) in Cracow

PhD research student at the School of Process, Environmental and Materials Engineering, University of Leeds, supervised by Prof. M. Pourkashanian, Prof. D. B. Ingham
Research topic: Application and Development of Genetic
Algorithms for Energy Related Problems.

PhD research student at the Institute of Industrial Apparatus and Power
Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Cracow University of Technology, supervised by Prof. Jan Taler
Research topic: Inverse heat conduction problems measurements of
fluid temperature
steam boilers.

Master degree. Automatics and Robotics. Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Automatics, Computer Science and Electronics. The Stanislaw Staszic University of Mining and Metallurgy in Cracow.

Technical College in Brzesko. General Electro-mechanics.

2006 — Today:

2004 — 2006



1988 — 1993

Automatics Systems Training Centre INTEX Sp. z o. o. — programming courses for Siemens Simatic controllers( S5 Expert course, S7 Advanced course )

Siemens Sp. z o. o. , Training Workshop, Katowice, Poland, 8th—12th September 2003.

17th Jyvaskyla Summer School, Finland (Recent Advances in Evolutionary Computing)

2002 — 2004           Maspex Sp. z. o. o. Technical specialist





Marie Curie Research Fellowship, Centre for Computational Fluid Dynamics
University of Leeds, Leeds, UK, May 2007-April 2010

J. Taler, B. Wójtowicz. “Measurement of unsteady fluid temperature with the use of inverse heat conduction solution”, Archives of thermodynamics, Vol. 28 (2007), No. 3, 314.
J. Taler, B. Wójtowicz, M. Trojan. “Transient fluid temperature measurements using solution of the inverse heat conduction problem”,
XIII Sympozjum Wymiany Ciepła i Masy, Vol. 2, pp. 1017—1024, Koszalin-Darłówko, 2007.



VII Konferencja Automatyków Rytro 2003, Rytro, Poland, 13—14 May 2003.

1st INSPIRE Network Training Workshop, “E
conomics, Thermo-Economic-Analysis and Life-Cycle-Analysis”, Nova Gorica, Slovenia, 5—8 June 2007.

19th Sustainable Energy Marie Curie Research Fellowships Conference, “Clean Energy and Engines”, Valencia, Spain, 27th—31st October 2007.

2nd INSPIRE Network Training Workshop, “Numerical Methods, Algorithms and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)”, London, UK, 16th—20th December 2007.

Marie Curie Conference, Barcelona, Spain, 17th—18th July, 2008.

Euroscience Open Forum 2008, “Science For a Better Life”, Barcelona, Spain, 18th—22nd July, 2008.

3rd INSPIRE Workshop, “Fuel Characterisation”, Clausthal, Germany, 2nd—9th July 2008.

M5 INSPIRE Seminar, “Progress in Toolbox 1 and Toolbox 2”, Ostrava, Czech Republic, 23rd—28th November 2008.

M6 INSPIRE Meeting, Athens, Greece, 5th—8th May 2009.

International Conference on Optimisation Using Exergy-based Methods and Computational Fluid Dynamics, Berlin, Germany, 20—23 October 2009.












Polish (native),
English (FCE in 1999, IELTS Academic, overall band score 6.5 in 2006, TOEFL Computer-based, total score 247 in 2006),
and also a little bit of German and Russian.

C/C++, Ada95, Basic, MATLAB, PLC programming (STL, FBD, LAD), Assembler 8051.

AutoCad Mechanical Desktop, Maple, Mathcad.

Programming Languages:

Technical Software:

Photography, Linux, automotive technology, energy sources and engines, history of engineering.