Francesco Giorgio-Serchi

Room 9.12c
School of Earth and Environment
Earth Sciences Building
University of Leeds

Telephone: 44 (0) 113 343 8207


Research Interests;

My interests range from Physical Oceanography to Dynamical Meteorlogy, since this is my background from undergraduate studies.
As a PhD student in Leeds I am involved in the numerical modelling of gravity currents and turbidity currents. In the last few years I have developed an interest towards numerical analysis, mainly Control Volume Method and CFD related modelling issues such as Turbulence Modelling, Moving and Deforming Meshes Algorithms and Multiphase Flows. I work extensively with FLUENT and CFX. My present research activity entails the CFD modelling of experimental gravity currents in complex geometries.

Research related experiences and duties:
I have been involved in activities within the department of Earth Sciences as demonstrator for the 2nd year Sedimentology course. In 2006 I have been travelling to the west coast of Ireland for field work with the students. I have also been involved in marking exams for the 2nd year Civil Engineering course and as invigilator at exams in the School of Earth and Environment.
As undergraduate student I have been involved in the 2008 MEDOC Oceanographic Campaign of the ENEA ( the Italian Enterprise for Alternative Energy Resources).

Attended Meetings and Publications:


Italian (native), English (TOEFL in 2006) and also a little bit of German and French.

Programming Languages and Software:

Other Interests:

Travelling, photography, drumming, drawing.