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People and Partners

Staff Profiles

There are over 60 academic members (including 3 with an FRS and one with a CBE awarded by the Queen for his contribution to science and engineering) of the CFD Centre and therefore it is not practical to list all of them. Here we have given full details of the major players in the Centre for CFD and the names and research areas of other key members. It is envisaged that it will be from this group of internally world leading researchers that the supervisors and academic advisors of the Fellows will come from. However, as the University of Leeds is a very large, leading and vibrant University then it is envisaged that over the next few years new and exciting new appointments will be made in the constituent departments/schools of the Centre for CFD and these researchers will play a full and active part in the Centre for CFD Centre and therefore, if appropriate, they will join the list of potential supervisors.

It should be noted that in addition to these academics there are numerous support staff, both in the Centre for CFD and in the constituent departments/schools of the Centre for CFD, that will assist these Fellows as and when is necessary, e.g. high class technicians, IT experts, etc. All staff listed below are academic members of the University of Leeds in full time positions. The percentage of the time that they will devote to this activity will depend on the research interests of the Fellows that are appointed. However, all these members of staff are keen to be involved with this activity and to supervise Fellows. All details given below are fuller than can be put in a table and therefore the presentation of information is not in table form as suggested in the instructions supplied by the EU.


Centre for CFD

Professor M. Pourkashanian
Professor D. B. Ingham
Professor A. Williams
Dr. K.J. Hughes
Dr. L. Ma
Dr W. Nimmo
Dr. D. Borman
Dr. S.R. Gubba
Dr Z. Liu
Dr. R.T.J Porter

Dr Alessandro Pranzitelli

Marie Curie PhD Research Fellows

Elena Catalanotti
Anna Fic
Francesco Giorgio-Serchi
Akram Joda
Anna Kononova
Inga Shpilevaya
Tatyana Stanko
Martin Thomas
Ilona Uryga-Bugajska
Yasemin Vural
Bogdan Wójtowicz

Marie Curie Alumni

Dumitru Trucu
Anna Bulinska
Zbigniew Bulinski
Hind Fadel
Mauricio Giraldo
Olha Ivanyshyn
Adam Klimanek

Yian Yian Lok
Sabine Muntz
Arkadiusz Ryfa
Ayoub Hmaidi
Salvatore Cito

CFD Centre PhD Students

Khaled Almohammadi
Mohammed Degereji

Penny Edge
Maryam Gharebaghi
Gasser Hassan
Mohammed Ismail
Phil King
Kris Larsen
Rachael Porter
Masli Rosli
Ida Shafagh
Mohamed Sharif Lawal

Visiting Scholar: Shengyi Wang

Visiting Researcher: Wei Huang

Marie Curie Short Term Research Fellows

Inga Shpileveya

Ansys Europe Ltd

Dr A. Burns, Senior Software Developer

Applied Mathematics

Professor J. Brindley
Professor G. Dixon-Lewis
Dr. L. Elliott
Professor S. A. E. G. Falle
Dr. O. G. Harlen
Dr. D. Lesnic
Professor J. H. Merkin
Professor B. Sleaman 

School of Chemistry

Professor M. J.  Pilling
Professor S. K. Scott
Dr. J. B. C. Whitaker 

School of Civil Engineering

Dr. J. A. Tinker
Dr. P. A. Sleigh
Professor E. I. Steniford 

School of Computing

Professor P. K. Jimack
Professor M. Berzins
Professor K. W. Brodlie
Professor P. M. Dew
Dr. M. E. Hubbard
Dr. M. Walkley  

School of Design

Professor S. Russell
Dr. N. Mao

School of Earth and Environment

Professor J.L. Best
Dr. S. Dobbie
Professor D. Gubbins
Professor S. D. Mobbs
Dr. D. Parker
Dr. D. Parsons
Dr. J. Peakall
Dr. X. Wen

School of Earth and Environment: Industrial Unit: Rock Deformation Research

Professor R.J. Knipe
Dr. S.D. Harris  

Energy and Resources Research Institute

Professor A.C. McIntosh
Dr. A. Tomlin
Professor P. T. Williams
Professor G. E. Andrews
Dr. D. Dixon Hardy  

School of Geography

Dr. C. J. Keylock

School of Mechanical Engineering: Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering

Professor J. Fisher
Professor Z. M. Jin
Professor D.C. Barton
Dr. R.M. Hall  

School of Mechanical Engineering

Professor C. G. W. Sheppard
Professor D. Bradley
Professor P. H. Gaskell
Dr. M. Laws
Dr. J. L. Summers  

Institute of Particle Science and  Engineering

Professor M. Fairweather
Dr. T. Mahmud
Professor R. A. Williams
Dr. B. Xu  

School of Physics and Astronomy

Professor M. D. Savage



Prof. M. Pourkashanian
School of Process, Environmental and Materials Engineering (SPEME)
Prof. D. B. Ingham
School of Applied Mathematics
Prof. R. J. Knipe
Rock Deformation Research
Dr. C. Carey
FLUENT Europe, Sheffield, UK
Dr. F. Olsson-Hector
European Union
Prof. R. Yetter
Pennsylvania State University, USA
Dr. X. Wen
School of Earth and Environment
Prof. A. Williams
Centre for CFD
Prof C.W. Wilson
Mechanical Engineering, University of Sheffield, UK
Prof. L. Wrobel Brunel University, UK
Dr A. Burns
Ansys Europe Ltd, Oxford, UK


Director of the Centre for CFD:

Professor M. Pourkashanian
Email: M.Pourkashanian@leeds.ac.uk
Direct line: +44 (0)113 343 2512
Internal: 32512

CFD Centre Secretary

Mrs Sylvia Cook
Email: s.a.cook@leeds.ac.uk
Direct line: +44 (0)113 343 2535
Internal: 32535

MSc CFD Admissions

Miss Lindsay Morris
Email: L.Morris@leeds.ac.uk
Direct line: +44 (0)113 343 3734
Internal: 33734

MSc CFD Admissions Tutor  

Dr. X. Wen
Email: X.Wen@leeds.ac.uk
Direct line: +44 (0)113 343 6743
Internal: 36743

Marie Curie Fellowship CFD Admissions Tutor  

Prof. D. B. Ingham
E-mail: D.B.Ingham@leeds.ac.uk
Direct line: +44 (0)113 343 5113
Internal: 35113