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Masters MSc training Package in CFD

The overall aim of this program is to raise the national level of skill in CFD, by providing a masters training package geared to training industrial CFD users for UK industry. In addition, the importance of industrial and academic re-training through the modular structure will be emphasised. Over the last few years we have identified the need for a more flexible training program which is suitable for applicants from industry. Therefore this innovative proposal will build on the existing very successful M.Sc. CFD Course with the following specific objectives:
• To simulate the creation of advanced training activities in all fields related to Computational Fluid Dynamics with a truly interdisciplinary program.
• To the harnessing of a CFD training course which has a direct benefit to UK industry, whilst preserving an environment for creative innovation and academic excellence.
• To develop and implement a distance learning scheme, which will provided accessible, customized, supported and connected learning, a pathway to professional excellence.

Entry Requirements

Candidates should have a good honours degree, or equivalent, in subjects allied to those of the constituent Departments. The course is supported by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council and Schools of the Centre and a number of Scholarships are available to candidates, subject to EPSRC eligibility criteria. Candidates admitted to the Diploma programme may be permitted to transfer to the Masters programme at the end of the first semester, subject to satisfactory performance.

The Course

The course is comprised of three main parts:

* Seven core Modules in which lectures are integrated with laboratory and computational work, both supervised and unsupervised, as appropriate. The Module titles are:

  • Incompressible Flow
  • Compressible Flow and Reaction Fronts and Ignition
  • Finite Differences
  • Visualization and High Performance Computing
  • Laminar and Turbulent Flows
  • Commercial CFD Software
  • Finite Elements and Boundary Elements

* One Specialised Application Module selected from a wide range of optional specialised half-modules of great importance to the applications of CFD.

* A research project, selected by the candidate in consultation with the supervisor(s). This is normally of three months duration, is of a specialised nature and may be pursued in industry. A thesis is presented at the end of a Project. The assessment weighting of the Project is equivalent to four Modules.

Computational and laboratory work is integrated closely with the lectures. The course is not tied to any particular CFD code, but will include, in addition to experience of the various research codes used in the Centre, commercial software such as FLOW3D, FLUENT and FIDAP but these may change from time to time. Laboratory work will be performed in the Schools of Process, Environmental and Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and the School of Chemistry.

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